Haruka laghing

Today was a bad day for me – Finland lost the final of Olympic ice hockey tournament, Lazio lost the Roman derby against Roma and to top it all off I watched the subbed version of Mai Otome 20 in which my hopes, somewhat rekindled after the previous episode, quickly died. You are probably asking yourself why do I continue watching it. The answer is simple – I enjoy bashing it a bit too much. I know it’s a guilty pleasure and a rather silly one but I can’t help it. Plus, I still love a few of these characters, damn it, and I want to see how events will unfold for them.

What do we have in episode 20? Mostly filler with a bit of setup. The whole episode is just an excuse to have the TomoeXShizuru lesbian scene. Disturbing, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against shoujo-ai but not when it involves these particular characters, especially the ultra-boring, hyper-powerful, all-knowing, purple-wearing, red-eyed bitch named Shizuru. Why can’t we have a NaoXNatsuki lesbian scene? Now, that’s something for which I would forgive the writers even three episodes of stupid filler. 😛 After watching HiME it’s a bit difficult to deny that being reduced to (probably) the position of a sex toy serves Shizuru just right. It would be perfect if the storyline ended with her death.)
Key line in this episode – Mashiro to Arika: ‘You are an idiot who does the wrong things, it’s not as if this is anything new.’. Do we need a further proof that Arika is a bloody retard? Even the moron Mashiro realises it by now. I am amazed there are fans of Arika, I really am. Anyway, for the umpteenth time instead of leaving the characters to decide something some plot device was used to make them decide in favour of whatever the writers had in mind and to hell with motivation and character development. This Jabal creature should have just been named a plot device creature. And by the way, what kind of creature can have a stone skin and stomach with magma for stomach acid and still eat meat? It makes just as much sense as humans eating rocks. But I guess after abusing the laws of physics and logic, the Otome writers decided to try with biology and chemistry, so they they don’t feel left out. What’s next? Georgaphy? Wait, its laws are also disregarded in a sense since Fia manages to find the secret base of Aswad as easily as Sunrise manages to butcher seruels these days. The bottom line is that this creature, I mean plot device, just showed Arika as a moron who cannot decide anything on her own and is just doing whatever the situatiion forces her to do. And what was with the struggle and wrestling between the two idiots Mashiro and Arika? That was so sexually suggestive. I hope they aren’t an awful lot of people who like such a fan service (apart from its unintentionally funny side) because if there are I fear for the world we are living in.
Another funny scene, this time intentionally funny (I hope), takes place after Haruka finds some newspaper showing Natsuki’s indecent exposure pics. I wonder how the hell a paparazzo managed to shoot this photograph since this incident happened in the middle of the desert but I guess the writers are firm believers in the motto “if there is a will, there is a way”. Funny as this scene is, I will repeat yet again that I want to see Natsuki, Haruka and Yukino actually doing something important. I know that’s too much to ask considering that might actually be exciting and we cannot have this in Mai Otome, can we? Cliche-ridden, utterly boring filler spiced up with fanservice here and there and references to HiME every few minutes seem to be doing the trick, why should Sunrise change the winning formula?
Nina is a moron, period. She does not want Sergei to call her by her name because she is a Meister Otome now. Nice way to behave with the love of your life, huh? 🙂 Yes, I can hear your protests – cut the girl some slack, she is young and in love and all that crap. Well, I couldn’t care less, she is just an annoying idiot with a father complex with the size of solar system. And for the record I couldn’t care less about who the real princess is and I usually love such mysteries. This one is so ridiculously contrived and full of twists that’s it’s long passed the point of absurdity. Not to mention that the choice is between three of the most annoying characters ever and we all know that Mashiro is going to rule the country anyway in the end (either that or she is even more useless than Natsuki).

In other news Sergei’s dreams will apparently be fulfilled by the Harmonium according to Nagi? I wonder what his dream is? Having his own harem? Wait, he already is on the verge of achieving that, no need for some plot devices to help him. Reviving Mai? You heard it here first. 🙂

Weird looking Tomoe

What was up with the animation? I guess the Sunrise staff got so bored with the storyline they had to draw that they started making mistakes. Midori looks weird, Tomoe looks weird, etc. Maybe the designer of the characters’ clothes shared some of the stuff he is smoking with the other animators? 😛
How the hell is this series going to have a satisfactory resolution in just six more episodes? So many things are set up to happen that I totally see an awfully rushed ending. Just think of Mai HiME episode 20, compare it with this one and maybe you will get what I am talking about.