It turns out that I like the setup episodes of Mai Otome more than the action episodes (if we can talk of action in a series with such a slow plot development). The last two setup episodes (19 and 21) were not thrilling but any stretch of the imagination but were a lot less annoying than the average Otome episode. It seems that the less important events there are, the less opportunities for Sunrise to screw up again.

Mashiro’s recent transformation from spoiled brat to “I am going to do anything for my people” was as surprising and difficult to guess as the answer to the question which day comes after Tuesday (Wednesday for those of you who were surprised by this turn of events in the series :))

Nagi just happened to have on his desk a pic of the ex-King and Queen of Windbloom with the capsule and a pic taken when Nina was found by Sergei. Man, the writers really believe in the power of coincidence. I think their coincidential firing from Sunrsise would be just the proof they need to proove their theory.

Turning Midori into some sort of mentor for Arika and Mashiro is done in the typical forced fashion of Mai Otome. It’s as if the writers are screaming to the viewers – “See, these two look to Midori as their role model”, then a few minutes later “Do you remember who is Mashiro’s new mentor? It’s Midori, see?”.
Midori wants to eliminate the whole Argos royal family? I like that spirit. Too bad I just see them failing, or even worse Arika preventing it and than boasting thjan her grandmother was right. This series would have been infinetely cooler had it concentrated more on Aswad and never bothered with the three moronic main characters. Talk about wasted potential.

This secret Aswad village sure gets a lot of visitors these days. Now, the refugees who killed (or should I say almost killed?) Aoi accidentally stumble onto it or rather pass by without noticing it. Did I say that the writers seem to have endless belief in the power of coincidence backed by the viewers’s stupidity and unablity to notice obvious plot devices? Talking about plot devices, shortly after the refugees’ arrival the Jabal comes again and plays the role of a plot device yet again. Come on, Sunrise, at least use different plot devices! While Mashiro is hesitating what to do (as if we don’t know what the decision wil lbe), the monster attacks and forces them to take a decision. Hilariously enough, Mashiro’s decision is to push Rad who is probably half a ton heavier than her and many times stronger and initiate the Materialising sequence of Arika. This scene was so bad that it was good in a way and I laughed out loud because of the absurdity of it all.

Mimi is saved by Arika and the Jabar is annihilated. It played the role of plot device with such aplomb and this is how it ended. Such a sad demise…Anyway, the viewers are probably supposed be moved by Mimi’s death but again it did not work at all for me.

The new Valkyrie unit of Dark Otomes moves to strike Aswad’s village (I told you it’s a busy place these days, Aswad should just put a huge sign saying “Aswad’s secret vase, enter at your own risk”). But the attack as most things in Mai Otome wil lhappen in the next episode or maybe in the episode after the next.

Nagi doesn’t need Arika anymore. Nice, too bad that being a main character she won’t die.

I told you before – Aoi is so not dead. Unless Chie visiting someone in a hospital bed is a red herring of gigantic proportions, that is. But given Sunrise’s recent track record in killing off characters we can quite safely assume that it’s not.


What is the deal with Tomoe and Shizuru? Anyway, as long as their relationship makes the ShizNat fans squirm and get depressed I cannot actually condemn it, can I?
Shiho the bee

Shiho is a waste of screen time..again. Voodoo bees? What the fuck?

Yukino, Haruka, Nao and Natsuki did absolutely nothing but talk a bit yet again. This show is really good at portraying the characters as if they are on the verge of doing something important and then postpone this important event for a few episodes or simply never show it.

Mashiro promises to give Aswad the secrets of the Otome technology once she gets back her country. Am I the only one thinking she promises something she won’t have (unless a few more coincidences help her, that is)? Why did Midori agreed to this deal so easily? That’s so stupud.
In the end Arika calls Mashiro “Master”. It’s Mistress, you morons, learn some English! I think I should write to some feminist organization and advise them to sue Sunrise for sexual discrimation based on the use of Master instead of Mistress when referring to female persons. It’s obviously implying that female masters are just an expeption therefore it’s a part of the male conspiracy against the rights of women worldwide! Sorry, I got carried away.

All in all, this episode is very much mediocre and with few important events. Too much time was wasted in the last episodes on Mashiro’s development and Arika’s wondering whether she wants to be an Otome. But as I said this episode is not too bad which is probably the best Mai Otome could achieve these days.
P.S. From the preview of the next episode it seems that Mai is finally going to appear in this show. Let us just hope this won’t be a disaster like Kira’s return in Gundam Seed Destiny.