Otome slaughter

Finally an episode in which there was action, important events and not too many moments in which to wonder why the hell I am watching this trainwreck. The animation quality seemed to be somewhat improved, Mai is coming back… probably. In other words, it was probably the best we can expect from Mai Otome. As usual my rather incoherent ramblings follow.

Natsuki said, that when Nagi sets up the Harmonium in motion, the world would revert back to the time of the War of the Twelve Kings. Say what? Everyone will have the technology to produce WMDs? The Otomes will not function? Both? I am tired of these vague hints. But who the hell gives a damn any longer. We know that whatever is to happen is going to be as stupid and uncovincing as it is humanly possible and judging by the current display, the capabilities of the scriptwriters of Mai-Otome are rather breathtaking. In the bad sense of the word, of course.

It’s all clear now – the Mikoto cats are walking, meowing plot devices. But on the other hand they are probably the cutest plot device so far, so I personally am willing to overlook their existence, unless they really prove even worse than the jabal (not an easy task, if you ask me, but I still have faith in the scriptwriters’ idiocy).

No one bothered to explain how Aoi survived apart from saying that a rescue team found her in the desert. I think I was talking about coincidences in the previous episode entry so refer to this for my opinion about this matter. In the end Aoi’s “death” was just an obvious plot device which furthered Mashiro’s character development.

Fia's death

How many bloody Otomes does Carlteya have? Furthermore, why did Fia stop for a second which allowed Gakutenou to stab her? Typical anime character – stopping in her tracks just because her opponent shouted something. That’s not a dialogue, it’s a fight, idiot! Not that I would miss her but this fight deserved a bit better ending. It’s always nice to see Aswad kicking some Otome asses. Too bad the cyborgs battle was shown for just several seconds. I wanted to see more of their Slaves capabilities.

Sergei admits that he was attracted by Arika and her chasing of foolish dreams? Nice way to ruining this character, Sunrise. Why didn’t he just say that he did it because of Rena? No, the writers just have to shove down the viewers’ collective throat the retarded notion of chasing one’s dream no matter what. Last time I checked Hitler also chased his dreams – look how he ended up…

Arika then proceeds to dodge Sergei’s bullets. I thought he, not she, was a Vash the Stampede clone but never mind. Why did he shoot anyway? I thought Nagi needed Arika or at least Mashiro alive? Now that’s because you think too much. Otherwise the horrible development in the Arika-Sergei-Nina triangle really didn’t sit well with me and I dare guess every viewer out there that has at least a few brain cells still unharmed by the utter misunderstanging know as Mai-Otome.

Arika vs the Valkyrie squadron was a rather boring fight since the only question was when some plot device will come to save the former. Not to mention that it became pointless after Chie caught Mashiro. And Tomoe and gang sure looked like Stealth jet-fighters or those ORB fighter planes in Gundam Seed, which was quite hilarious indeed. They really should have shown more of the Aswad androids fight against the Carlteya forces instead.

Valkyrie squadron
Then we have a scene which could hardly have been more of a cliche – the villain Tomoe confessing to Arika her crimes in order to taunt her. Was that really necessary? Tomoe is such a Suigintou wannabe. Too bad Suigintou has style that is difficult to reproduce and mimic and as a result she is a million times cooler than Tomoe. Just watch Rozen Maiden if you don’t believe me. Sure enough, just when the squadron of Valkyries performs their finishing move (just kill her quickly, morons!) Miyu appears and saves Arika. I wonder if there was anyone in the world who was actually surprised by that. Miyu then ends up wounding Sergei. I wouldn’t worry too much, this guy surely is resilient and will probably survive.
Natsuki and Nao did nothing important again. I think I should just keep that in a file and paste it for every episode, I am tired of writing it again and again. This time they didn’t even serve as comic relief.

Nina is a moron

After using the Harmonium Nina’s eyes look as if she is in a SEED mode. Hey, what happened to originality, Sunrise? You sold it to someone? BTW, why exactly Nina appeared right next to Arika and the otheres? Talk about convenient coincidence. Maybe the Harmonium has a great AI and has sent her there for some unknown reason? Futhermore, Nina is now firmly in the league of Arika and Mashiro as far as stupidity goes. Yeah? Really? What an unexpected develpment. I, for one, would be really surprised if someone of the leading cast actually for a change used a bit of thinking, just as a shoking revelation for the audience. She immediately assumes Arika is to blame for Sergei’s wound and attacks. Too bad for her that Miyu is even more ridicuoulsy overpowered than our dear father complex girl so Nina doesn’t have even a glimmer of hope against her.

In the end Arika wakes up somewhere with (probably) Mai and Mikoto. And from the preview it seems that the next episode will feature yet another cliche – the hot spring. I think Sunrise need to contact the Guinness Book of World Records and apply for the record of most cliches in just 26 episodes. I just hope the fanservice won’t take up the entire episode 23. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be too bad. The plot is stupid anyway. It’s just that I would have chosen different characters to feature in a fanservice episode. 🙂 I know for sure that I really prefer an onsen episode to another stupid love confession or another so called character development of characters I am so bored with. At least I get some boobs floating around 😉 About the preview, all I can say is that my prediction that Mai had spent all the 22 episodes in the kitchen cooking enough ramen for a Really Hungry Mikoto (TM) has finally been proven correct. I suppose that in the next ep we will not only get the onsen scene, but also a scene where Mikoto appreciates Mai’s food. I am looking forward to it.

What’s up with the huge weapons of Arika, Nina and Miyu? If we are to trust Froyd, that just serves to prove that the writers suffer because certain attributes of theirs are not of sufficient size, if you know what I mean.

The question now is whether Mai and Mikoto will hijack the show from the Awful Trio. The odds are against them but let’s hope they will manage to do it. Amen to that!

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