Haruka's antics

I don't even have the energy to bash this series much any more so I guess this post won't be too long. I need to gather energy for thefinal two episodes. You just know something is wrong, when I, the uncrowned ruler of all the Arika haters, loathe an episode which has about twenty seconds of her on screen.

Tradition demands to start with the already infamous Sergey-Nina liaison since apparently it's the key moment but to hell with tradition. I will start with the only good thing in this episode, namely Haruka's antics. No wonder her soldiers love her as seen in the extras of the second Otome DVD. Apparenly Rado and the other cyborgs are dying. Quite convenient, considering they have lived for so many years but are on the verge of dying just when victory is near. Forced drama in a pure Mai Otome fashion, it was about as moving as the results of the local curling championship (no offence to curling fans). The impact that scene had on me was almost as big as that of the weather forecastfor yesterday in the area of the island of Greenland. And it was just as entertaining.

So Nina razed to the ground a few cities to show the power of Harmonium (who cares about this, when we actually had the oh, so touching reminiscences of her promise to never be a bride and forever stay by the side of her beloved father). Of course, you'd expect someone to try to resist and fight or maybe to show to the viewers the destructive process, not only the results but there is no time for that, we have to have the umpteenth discussion about what Otome actually is, this time between Natsuki and Nao. They have finished their around the world holiday cruise and are ready to lead a rebellion against Nagi, the Evil Midget of Doom ™. Yes, I know, this is an extremely surprising turn of events. In other news, Irina and her fellow students are on the verge of getting back the Pillars powers from Nagi. You'd expect this to be more difficult to achieve or to be shown in more than twenty seconds but as I said this is Mai Otome, so learn to expect the unexpected, or rather learn to not expect anything that makes sense.

The fifth Column

And then there are those ridiculous passports/ID's that the columns seem to have. Can it get any worse? And let's face it, she didn't even show the pictire inside, what if she had been a fake? Aah… who cares anyway.

But let us go back to Nina. Destroying a few cities didn't do much to shake her confidence in the rightness of her deeds. But when she read the letter from Erstin (coincidentally found just now) she was totally shaken. In other words, she pulled a Rey (Gundam Seed Destiny again and yes, I know these comparisons are annoying but what the heck). And what was her decision? Turn against Nagi? No. Wait for him to activate the GEM and then turn agaisnt his forces? Wrong again. Try to escape? No, she just slept with her "otou-sama".

Dunno about you but I don't buy this "He did it because he had to" crap. If Sergay just had to destroy her nanomachines, he could have found someone else to have sex with her. Man, that would have been a totally hilarious scene – Sergay going into a shady bar and asking "Who wants to have sex with a 15-year-old horny virgin?" Sure, it woud have been a bit absurd but we are already used to absurdity in Mai Otome. Yet for some reason I have my suspicions that they actually did not DO it. You know it will most probably be reveiled that he pulled back in the last moment. I just don't see Sunrise having the balls to pull this off. But I'll give it to them, if they confirm it in the next double ep. I'll be surprised even if they don't make another comment and leave it as it is.

The other interesting thing is that Nina's GEM seems to work again. Maybe they didn't do it properly or maybe Sunrise again tried to cheat the viewers. Well, our sweet and loving Tomoe did imply there was a way around, so maybe the rabu-rabu couple took that path without even realizing it (but once again I express my doubts that they went past second base). On the other hand, even if Sunrise is f*cking with the viewers once again, well, at least we are kind of used to it by now.

After the (probably not real) coitus, Sergey went for a walk into the room where Rena's body was kept. Again, you would expect the last person to be allowed there to be Sergay, the once traitor and the man who openly complained about the usage of Rena's body. But… yes, you guessed it – this is Mai Otome, and in Mai Otome anything goes. He shoots John Smith but then Nagi shoots him. However, being a Chuck Norris wannabe, Sergay just cannot die and a bullet to the head is a minor nuisance for him. He might be braindead, but then again, so are most characters in this series so he won't stand out at all. Nina proceeds to repeat the mantra battle commences the episode ends. Why did the Chick-magnet stand there and do nothing but point the gun at the capsule with Rena's body is beyond my abilities to comprehend. Now, if he wanted to end it, he should have just pulled the trigger the very moment he was within shooting range. But no, he had to wait till someone got him. That is so like something an Otome character would do…

We also see the other two Pillars, now named Columns, but again it's a case of too little, too late. Miyu takes out a device from a volcano which I am pretty sure would be the plot device to end all plot devices(or a way to get the Childs out if their hiding and we'll get to see Mai riding Kagutsuchi and Natsuki on Duran, or we might be horrified by something else, and I still wonder if thet blue star is going to fall or not?). Arika is ready to take part in the battle, expect her just when Nagi's forces seem to be winning. Just as I said, everyone is so obviously waiting for the last two episodes to use their trump cards. Pathetic, indeed…

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