April 2006

When talking about second episodes probably the most often asked question is how they compare to the first efforts. Well, not surprisingly Simoun's second episode is not as good as the first one. It's mostly setup but I love setup when it's handled right (refer to exhibit number one – random Bee Train series) and that's exactly we have here. (more…)


Those of you who visit anime forums or blogs or just have friends obsessed with anime are probably well aware that The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is the smashing, all conquering hit of the new season. Hence, being the ever dutiful workaholic that I am, I set about forming my own opinion about this series. How? By watching a bit of it, of course and also trying not to get into “it’s hyped so I will bash it” or “it’s hyped by people whose opinions and tastes I value so I am going to rave about it” mode. It was difficult, mind you. Anyway, after many trials and tribulations my humble persona managed to watch the first two episodes. The verdict? Read and find out (or just read the whole title of this article). (more…)

This series is really getting worse with every episode, I think. The plot is still both virtually non-existent and silly and the funny moments are few and far between. Moreover, it's desperately trying to be a rip-off of Marimite while having nothing of the subtlety, style and developed characters which make the latter so remarkable. (more…)

Princess PrincessThe three Himes

The second anime this season that is filled with bishounen and it has some promising signs that it might be somewhat BL. I know that the manga is shoujo and not shounen-ai, but everyone, who’s seen the ED, should really be prepared for a possible amourous relationship between males. And am so fully supporting such a development. And I have to say that this one is just not only a few steps but rather a whole staircase higher in quality than Gakuen Heaven. (more…)

Mirror, mirror Dark Secret

There is not much to say about this episode for the simple reason that very few things actually happen in it. Its main function, it seems, is to confirm that everyone in this school is a lesbian and proud of it. Nothing wrong with that, don't get me wrong but the formula of random yuri moments mixed with comedy will become boring really fast unless we see some plot development. (more…)

Well, what can I say? These two episodes were a worthy end of this trainwreck. Even I couldn't believe (I could 🙂 it was just the normal continuation of the trend they had set) how pathetic they were and I have postponed writing this entry for a week trying to cope with the mental trauma of watching this. Watching the raw of episode 01 of Simoun helped. If you want air battles, I would suggest either that or Last Exile, not Mai Otome which didn't even have nice battles to compensate for the non-sensical plot. I got the impression that the writers were trying much harder to find time to show everyone's Robe and Element than to think of hard-fought battles with great animation and choreography. (more…)

This is a bit of a strange story – I downloaded the raw mainly because I read that it was full of cute girls kissing (it was me that told you that 😉 and that I was going to watch it) each other. And sure enough, that was true. The surprising thing was that it was just the tip of the iceberg of quality, so to speak. This episode didn't dissapoint in any respect. If I recall correctly the last time when I was so excited after just one episode was when I witnessed Madlax annihillating a small army in episode one of the anime with the same name. I wonder if that makes me an action maniac or just a man fond of seeing girls killing people?


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