Boys' Love academyAm I the uke here or what?

Ok the new season started and one can easily say that it’s something like the triumph of the fetishes. We have tons of panty-shots, a hell of girl-kissing and of course, what makes me the happiest – a fair share of animes full of “androgynous, ambiguously gay”* (ambigiously? Yeah, right) bishounen. We even get some cross-dressing (in both variants) and loli, which’s why I rise my voice in protest against the obvious lack of shota! Where’s my BL shota? And there are two (mind you TWO in one season) animes that are rather promising in the BL aspect – Gakuen Heaven and Princess, Princess.

I know that the genre usually goes with (severe) lack of sensible plot or character development (LOVELESS being the sole exception in the field). But let’s be honest, who in their right mind watches BL for any of the aforementioned? Well, not me anyways.

So, after this rather pointless blabber, let’s get back to the topic.

What did Gakuen Heaven offer in its first episode?

We have the (obligatory) all-boy boarding school full of bishounen and the (obligatory) clueless transfer student. Hm, that begs the question – is there any difference in plot between Gakuen Heaven and Strawberry Panic apart from only male students in the former and female in the latter? Wait, they don’t even have a real plot as of yet, so I guess not.

Basically nothing happens here, besides the implication that there’s something more than what initially meets the eye. Yes, there is bound to be A Dark Secret ™. As they talk about each student having some special abilities, which we so far have no idea whether they are just normal talents (as the shown in the sphere of painting and hacking) or they mean something more… It goes without saying that our uke-looking main character – Itou Keita shows no sign of any talent, which of course raises the curiousity of his new schoolmates as to why exactly he was admitted to BL academy. Obviously he has some secret but ultimate talent by virtue of being a main character. Of course, in some cases this talent is being the ultimate wimp but such is the life of anime characters.

Which leads me to the other rather interesting thing that I just have to mention – the most peculiar name that the school has. Man, Bell Liberty, or for short BL academy… One can die of laughter on the spot after hearing this one. I still wonder if that’s a pun with us the ever loyal BL fangirls or a pure coincidence (I rather think it is the former, it would be too much if the latter turns out to be the truth).

Animation-wise the anime is just your average BL anime – full of bishies, the character design is pleasing but the background leaves to desire better. The colours are crisp and well defined, the characters themselves are easily distinguishable (except for the twins of course, but they are together everywhere, so it hardly matters, and of course they were meant to be like that, long live the twincest!)

The music is also rather uninspiring. The OP is OK I guess it is lively and even nice to listen, though it is hardly making it into my list of favourite OPs, but still, I’d say it fits the anime, (or the genre atleast), but the ED is rather pathetic. The background music so far is kind of MIA. When there is music it is actually a piano version of the OP and it starts to become boring after the third replay. I am quite the fan of good BGM (it matters to me even more than the good OP/ED, since it helps create the right mood), so this would have been a major turn-off for me in any other case, but being the ever loyal BL fangirl…

I conclusion: I am watching this one for the sole reason that any BL fangirl has – the bishies and the ultimate BL it promises. And I hope it will sprout some story or at least turn out to be a bit more explicit, ‘cause that’s what can possibly save the show from being utter loss of time and will not be much of a pleasure. Otherwise the mere sight of bishounen running on screen will most probably bore me at some point. But time will show. The chances are I’ll see it though even if it stays plotless and unexplicit, but who knows…

* This is a quote form the parody-sub that Live-eviL did as April Fools’ Day joke. I strongly recommend it to anyone that can laugh over their BL fancy or simply has it to recognize a good parody.

Text in italics is added by Matrim who wants to officially declare hereby that it will be difficult to force him to watch more of this, too many other series to follow. Bashing something might be fun but I am tired of doing this with Mai-Otome. 🙂