Mirror, mirror Dark Secret

There is not much to say about this episode for the simple reason that very few things actually happen in it. Its main function, it seems, is to confirm that everyone in this school is a lesbian and proud of it. Nothing wrong with that, don't get me wrong but the formula of random yuri moments mixed with comedy will become boring really fast unless we see some plot development.


Furthermore, it seems that the creators of this show are hell bent on making absolutely clear that this is something of a soft porn version of Maria-sama ga miteru. We have a copy of the scene in which Sachiko smoothes Yumi's tie, we have a Virgin Mary statue which looks basically the same as the one in Marimite and so on. Needless to say, unless a miracle happens and Strawberry Panic improves dramatically, Marimite is a thousand times better while I suspect that the best thing the former could achieve is the dubious status of a guilty pleasure.

Etoile fangirls


So what happens in this episode? More of the same, literally. Shizuma still tries to corner and kiss Nagisa, which earns the latter the respect and probably the jealousy of her classmates. And according to the rumours no girl once chosen to be Etoile's love slave…I mean love interest can resist for more than a month. In Nagisa's case the situation is made worse by the fact she cannot move an inch in Etoile's presence and relies on external factors to save her (the power of coincidences, you know). Of course, her rather obsessive roommate Tamao is more than happy to protect her from the sempai. But I would venture that she would expect more than just words of gratitude as a reward, if you know what I mean. 😉


Etoile seems to have a Dark Secret. Anyone surprised? She also seems to be interested in more than one young girl at a time – I wonder if we are going to see some kind of yuri harem. This show is so full of cliches that with a bit of effort it can even rival Mai-Otome which is bad indeed. The way the characters close their eyes after saying something is really getting on my nerves, I know it's supposed to be a cute expression but somehow after seeing it ten times it's no longer anything but annoying. Most importantly, this episode was not as hilarious as the first one and if this trend continues I am pretty sure I will not finish this series.