Princess PrincessThe three Himes

The second anime this season that is filled with bishounen and it has some promising signs that it might be somewhat BL. I know that the manga is shoujo and not shounen-ai, but everyone, who’s seen the ED, should really be prepared for a possible amourous relationship between males. And am so fully supporting such a development. And I have to say that this one is just not only a few steps but rather a whole staircase higher in quality than Gakuen Heaven.

The story is rather simple: in an all-boys’ school a new (no, you can’t guess) out of season transfer student comes to live and study. Yeah, I know it is just the same as it was in GH, (man, there even was ‘the lonely boy in the empty bus watching in the distance at nothing in particular’ scene). But what is rather unusual in this school is that there’s a strange tradition involving the prettiest junior students – in order to make the atmosphere lighter and well, ‘prettier’, those who are considered worthy are turned into Himes (Princesses). Those being cross-dressed boys whose purpose is to cheer and brighten the life of their schoolmates. And of course our main character – Kouno Tooru is considered a Hime candidate ;). Unexpected, right.

So no sooner has Tooru-chan (don't you dare call such a macho character like him "chan"…ah, who am I kidding?) set a foot on school territory and before him from the clear skies lands a beautiful girl, only as it turns out later that this is not a girl, but Mikoto Yutaka, one of the Himes. He also gets to be in the same class with the other Hime – Yuujirou Shihoudani.

The first episode is basically an introduction to the characters and the school. But there’s a good amount of jokes that make the watching funny and pleasant.

Qualitywise the animation is average, but the character design is really good and I guess all fangirls (and probably the occasional fanboy) will be quite overjoyed with the appearance of the cast. It is interesting to notice that the main cast all have unnatural hair-colouring, while the common stunts have normal colours. And the hair and eye colours are matching for the four main characters.

Kouno Tooru is blue. Yuujirou Shihoudani is yellow, Mikoto Yutaka is dark pink and the class president Akira Sakamoto (whom everyone addresses as Sakamoto-sama even if he is only a junior) is green. At least it is easy to remember them. And the personalities they have are also quite easy to distinguish. Yup, no brain cells are needed while watching this one. But it is possibly BL, so I am ready to overlook that if I get enough humour and at least some excuse of a plot, which so far seems to be a possibility.

The background however is rather bleak and uninventive. There are the odd landscapes, but mostly we get stilled shots and some strange backgrounds, that are supposed to show the viewer the emotional state of the characters. Basically it is just plain and uninspiring. Where there is some actual background it resembles watercolour drawings and it is not that detailed, but anyway, I can get over it.

Then there’s the music.

The OP is OK, which is the same level as GH (since that is the only anime from the season I can compare Pri, Pri with, even if Simoun is done by the same studio /DEEN/ it is still just in another category altogether), but the ED is better and the background music is actually quite good. The BGM consists mostly of piano, string or small orchestra pieces in romantic style that I find rather well fitting, even if I saw a lot of opinions that stated the opposite. But this is a free world after all and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

So in this aspect Pri, Pri is just wa~y better than GH which only has it’s OP song and the piano version of it as BGM.

And then there’s the ED sequence, which is just done to please the eyes and soul (and fangirl-ism) of all the female audience (and to show to the male non-gay part of it that they should be watching something else). Two of the main characters (Tooru and Shihoudani) in rather suggestive poses, even if they are actually absolutely ‘work-safe’ so to say. But there are just those underlying nuances that make the fangirl in me go into a BL-adoration mode. Just see for yourselves 🙂

But I guess what really makes this one a worth-my-time anime (beside it being BL-candidate and thus worth enough) is the humour which makes me laugh and enjoy it. It certainly is no Ouran, but it is still good enough.

I’d say that even boys with broader mind and in the proper company might find themselves enjoying this anime, but I’d actually recommend it to the female audience. It is so much more worth one’s time than GH (yet, me have seen all three eps of it and still have some hopes that GH might turn out watchable).

If I had to turn on the cynical mode, I"d say that the major problem of this series is the ridiculous premise that in an all boy school the students would be happy with crossdressers rather than go and look for real girls. Hello, that's a school, not a prison! I'd buy a setting in which everyone in the school is gay but becoming fans of a the "princesses" due to the circumstance that this is a boys only school is bordering on the absurd. The interesting thing is that it's actually quite a funny series, it seems that I just don't have that broad a mind to watch it on my own. 🙂

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