This series is really getting worse with every episode, I think. The plot is still both virtually non-existent and silly and the funny moments are few and far between. Moreover, it's desperately trying to be a rip-off of Marimite while having nothing of the subtlety, style and developed characters which make the latter so remarkable.

So, what happens in the third episode? A whole lot of nothing, it could be said. Shizuma is still trying to avoid her obligations as Etoile while pursuing Nagisa, Tamao is still jealous as hell because of Shizuma's antics, the Student Council Heads are still mad at Shizuma for shirking her duties. I almost forgot the key moment – Nagisa and her friends played hide and seek. No, I am not kidding, I guess that was an attempt to increase the loli factor.

In the end Nagisa manages to convince Shizuma to be present for the welcoming ceremony for the first graders (which, needless to say, is suspiciously similar to the welcoming ceremony in Marimite). And she achieves that without even allowing Shizuma to steal a kiss from her. I guess the latter was just not in a sexual predator mode that day which is too bad.

Well, that's it for this episode now if you will allow me, I will turn your attention to the manga. So far I have read just five chapters of it but I can confidently say it's better than the anime. And I even don't like manga much, this is one of the first mangas I have tried to read.


The manga has faster pacing, more interesting characters, a real plot and most importantly – more saucy yurilicious situations. 😉 Nagisa does not freeze, unable to move every time she sees Shizuma, a lot more characters are properly introduced to the readers so far. Furthermore in the manga Etoile is not a title for one person but is given to a chosen couple. The funny thing is that the only reason Shizuma is going to participate again is to use this title to get the heart (and more importantly for the readers – the body) of Nagisa.

Nagisa and Shizuma

The manga also does not leave the impression that it's just a Marimite rip-off (not that I have read much of the Marimite manga, so I might be wrong here). For some reason the characters don't look as plain and generic as in the anime but that might be due to the fact that I have read very few mangas. Anyway, Shizuma in the manga is more than just a sexual predator (not to mention she is actually better looking there), the student council rivalry is more interesting and the secret garden part (chapter three) is simply priceless. Just read and find out. How can you not like a manga in which we have in the description of one of the characters – "She has tons of sex appeal but she is only interested in girls – she is real "yuri"? Although that begs the question – aren't they all in this manga? 🙂