May 2006


It's a sad moment for the students at whatever the name of the academy is, let's just refer to it as Hime Academy, for easier. It's summer brake. Yeah, who would have thought that the students would be sad they are free to do as they please outside the walls of their all boys' school. But no! They are sad 'cause a vacation means time away from their beloved Himes. Now, if there are any men out there tell me please, how can that be sane.

The boys are going outside, to the world where REAL women are, but they would still prefer the company and smile of a Hime. There's something very wrong with that. Even I, who am a firm supporter of boy on boy action, find this disturbing. This is not sane, for Christ sake, it is simply not! (more…)



You know, I feel bad for not writing separate entries for every Nana episode. But it just seems there is not much to say apart from praising this show to no end without being really able to explain why I like it. And unlike other series I really don't want to summarise the events in the episodes because they seem to sound so boring when I do it. Why all the praise and yet mention the word "worst" in the title of this review? Because of the bloody recap episode, that is why! (more…)


I have to say I expected more from this episode but that probably has much to do with the fact that it was the first Higurashi episode that I had to wait for a week. After thinking about it Watanagashi-hen seems even more puzzling and mysterious than Onikakushi-hen and the last episode of this story arc promises to be chock full of creepy events. All of Keiichi's friends are involved this time around and we can also compare it with the previous arc in order to get closer to the truth. And most importantly anything that can make me watch it again on the other day just to pick up more clues for the mystery and enjoy it a lot despite not really finding much evidence just has to be praised. (more…)


I finally found time to watch it. I mean it was not easy. The first part of the first ep of the Special Edition was out on torrent only a few days after it aired, but it took me significantly longer to get my hands on the second part. And after I finally downloaded it about two weeks back, I suffered lack of free time to sit down and watch it. (more…)


Three weeks had passed since my last Simoun entry and having watched the raw of this episode and read a few summaries, I thought I might not like it that much when I finally watch the fansubbed version. Wrong! I really enjoyed it.

In short in could be described as a great setup episode, which gives the viewers a lot of information about the world and the characters. No action to speak of but since I have watched the raws of all available episodes I can say that if someone is just looking for action, this is probably not exactly the best choice since the battles are relatively rare. I have to say this approach – not many action scenes but when they come they are awesome, all female elite group training for battles and the whole atmosphere remind me of Gunslinger Girl. But Simoun's not a rip-off in any way, it seems that a great effort has been made to make it a real Science-Fiction series, unlike the common pseudo-Science-Fiction shows which are quite superficial. (more…)


In case someone is wondering how this series could have continued after the events in the previous episodes here goes – it doesn't actually continue. It starts anew in some sort of parallel universe, after a reset, so to speak.

The events unfold in a different way but in the same place and with the same characters. The festival is yet to start, everyone is oblivious that this is a horror story. OK, maybe the would-be-murderer (I suppose there will be murders) does suspect the genre of this story. (more…)


The second ep makes quite a progress into the real story and what is more, it proves that the characters are not your average stupid pretty stunts that only grace the screen for the purpose of fanservice and to please the eye of the (female) viewer. (more…)

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