In short – I am dropping this series. It's still not funny. And the plot makes very little sense.

The fate of the universe rests on the uniqueness of Haruhi or something like that said with a thousand words. Do I care? Let me see – no, I don't. I am tired of watching Haruhi bossing around everybody, tired of seeing Mikuru as the ultimate cliche – a shy high schoolgirl, whose charms are used by Haruhi to achieve this or that (we already saw her as a Playboy bunny, maid and cheerleader – talk about fanservice), tired of waiting for something interesting to happen. I wanted to like this series, I really did, if only to enjoy the beautiful animation for a longer time. But now after every one started revealing their secret, I just got even more cynical and waited for some character to say something like "I am Kira Yamato" or "I am actually George Bush in disguise". The baseball game was painfully not funny and I was amazed that no one even bothered to complain that our heroes were cheating. And showing the episodes in some random chronological order seems to me as a lame attempt to show how cool this series is which as far as I am concerned failed miserably. I still fail to see what's so great about Haruhi, any time she grins in that ultra-mega-hyper-giga-confident way of hers, I want to slap her or just stop watching. Which is just what I did in the end. The most important reason for that? Pretty simple, really – today I watched two episodes of Suzumiya Haruhi and laughed once or twice. But I also watched one episode of Ouran High School Host Club and my mouth stil hurts from all the laugter that this activity caused. You can't argue with that. I guess this series is just not for me. So long and thanks for the fish, I mean for reading this rather short rant.  

P.S. No screenshots this time for three reasons – I am too lazy, I am afraid that the beauty of the animation might trick me into continuing to watch this series agaisnt my better judgement and finally I am pretty sure you can very easily find a dozenblogs raving about this series, all of them full of beautiful screenshots.