It’s the second ep of Princess Princess and while it is even cheesier than the previous one I find it enjoyable.

What do we have here? We get introduced to the Student Council President – Arisada and his minions, so to say. Arisada is quite aggressive in his pursuit of his own agenda and pays no attention to anyone that tries to argue or flinch out of one’s duties.

What is really funny this time is how easy it is to buy someone by just offering him free lunches, free books and some pocket money. That is what the advantages for the Himes seem to be if we trust the very suspicious Student Council President. Only hearing about those small but obviously important for him financial benefits is enough for our cute main character, namely Kouno, to change his mind from “reluctant” to “I am doing it”. Talk about male pride here ;).

It is even better when the so set on getting out of the Hime business Mikoto asks whether Kouno has any male pride, only to be hit with the answer “No”. Strike! Poor little Mikoto, he was so smitten and shocked. And it gets worse when Shihoudani accuses him of not accepting and acting in the situation and a “true man” would. That’s strike #2!

And what is in the base of Mikoto’s hatred for his Hime assignment? The fact that he seems to have a girlfriend out there somewhere. That one was actually a strike on me and I’d dare suppose on all the Boy-loving girls out there, who would ten times prefer some homoerotic action between the Himes (though if I have to choose couple it would be Shihoudani x Kouno, thus leaving Mikoto as uke to whom? Maybe Arisada, now that would be funny to no end, ne?). Oh, and the ever helpful School President offers to talk and explain the situation to the poor clueless girl. I hope I’ll get to see that. It would be priceless, lol.

And then comes the best comic relief in the series so far – Natashou-senpai – the Hime-outfit designer. He is a man who seems to talk at the speed of light about his inspiration and the dresses that he would create for our lovely cross-dressers. He did manage to scare the shit out of Touno, who was staring at him with his mouth open and ready to pass out of shock at the vicious and unexpected attack. LMAO.

And of course we find out why the hell, Arisada is so set up on having the Himes do their job perfectly. He was a Hime during his sophomore year. And it was also one of the reasons he was chosen as Student Council President.

Next we are served a nice nickname fight between Touno and Shihoudani, who take it out on Mikoto, who has the guts to interfere.

As it turns out later, Mikoto can’t cope with the overenthusiastic fans of his Hime version, who have the bad habit of molesting him. Poor baby. I guess the overabundant testosterone seeks some kind of release even if it takes such a peculiar form. And just when he thinks he is not alone in his suffering, it turns out he actually is. Hattrick! Looks like his stuttering and inability to stun the audience with the sparkling shine of unreachable and godlike posture is the reason he gets molested all around.

When Shihoudani and Touno try to teach Mikoto how to act haughty and he fails miserably the background music (if one can call that music) is a discordant violin scrape that just fits perfectly the hopeless attempt of Mikoto to be at least half as cool as Shihoudani.

So what the helpless pink-head has to do is act like a Queen, Only his imagination provides him with the idea of queen that should be like some S/M domineering Mistress in a low-quality porn. Luckily he succeeds a bit later.

And then matters become absolutely ridiculous when it is time for the Himes to try their new outfits designed by the crazy lunatic. When Touno tries to take his shirt off, the assistants of Natashou demand that he let them keep their fantasies. They would rather not see that blatant evidence of his maleness (ok, he is not that masculine, he is not masculine at all, if you ask me ;), but they seem unable to tolerate the sight of a flat male chest. Oh, God…).

And after some brief info on Sakamoto’s family life. He has a brother that graduated from the same school and was really pretty and popular, so he gets to shine with the reflected light of his brother’s fame and is thus referred to by everyone as Sakamoto-sama. Man, even by Arisada himself, My, oh, my.

And the episode ends with the second official introduction of the Himes, so that Kouno would be presented to the croud of cheering female-beauty-deprived strudents.

The animation is almost of the same quality as of the previous ep, which of course is not much of a compliment with the exception of the character design. The background is still lacking in a lot of senses. The weird emotion-describing backgrounds still take a lot of time. There are quite a few static scenes where nothing but the mouths of the characters move, if even they. Ok, as it is quite obvious already this is a rather low budget shoujo comedy that features as many fetishes and clichés as it can, but it is still enjoyable, which is why I keep on watching it. It makes me laugh. Of course not as much as Ouran, but I don’t think there’s something out there that has ever made me laugh as much as Ouran does, not even FMP? Fumoffu.