The name Aarinfantasy is well known among all BL fans. If there is a BL fan out there that has never heard of Aarinfantasy, that that is no fan at all. This name has gradually turned into a synonym for yaoi. The forum with the same name, the fansubbing group, that generously gives us the not very fluent in Japanese, the oprtunuty to enjoy the BL anime that runs on TV in Japan, they have turned the name into a trademark of Yaoi. For all that she is already a legend. But a few days ago she made another step ahead, by starting a fanzine, devoted to BL – Aarinsecret.

It took me some time to read all of it but I am glad I didn't rush it. That way I could devour it completely. It offers 73 glorious pages with absolutely beautiful design. I really have to praise those who worked on the presentation, they did their job lovely and the result is pleasing the eye and the soul.Those people really put their hearts into it and gave us, the readers, an experience to remember and look forward to in the future.

It covers the new season animes with BL tendencies, like Gakuen Heaven, Princess Princess and the Angel's Feather OVA. And they feature Loveless (Spring 2005) which happens to be my favourite BL anime so far.

There are reviews of manga as well – Zetsuai, Yami no Matsuei and Yattranneeze! (also known as Yatteraneeze!, scanlated by Doki Doki). This is one of my favourite BL mangas. Very well developed plot and deep relationship between the characters. There's some smut, but it is just a bonus for the perverts like me. What is really good about is actually how the problems of the society are incorporated in the plot. But you'll know more if you read the review in Aarinsecret or the manga itself.

There are also interviews with different people that are somehow involved with spreading BL across the world – such as the artists Heise and X-seven, who draw BL related art and the scanlation teams of Doki Doki and Obsession.

For the newbies or simply those who read and watch BL without knowing where its origins lie is the article Yaoi: The Evolution of a Subculture.

And I was really interested to 'visit' last year's Yaoicon through the article-coverage of it. This is great for those like me who live in a place that is so far away from the anime and manga events that this is the only way to become a part of the fun. Thank you kittycountess (Tessa) for sharing your experience with all of us. I (or maybe we) appreciate it.

There are also small introductions here and there of different BL scanlating groups. I found a few I didn't know about. That is good, some more yaoi goodness for my hungry perverted soul.

You'll also find two fanfics and a manga included as well. And the desert is an interview with the Queen of Yaoi herself, with Aarinfantasy.

Why are you still here? Go get it at!

* The shots I use are pages from the fanzine and belong to the Aarinsecret team. If they have any objections against their usage, I'll remove them