Well, I hope the title of this entry shows what one can expect from the episode. It’s mainly filler and it’s full of fanservice and coincidental meetings between the characters. This time though, the Spica characters interact with their copies, I mean the Miator characters and if anyone has not yet seen how they mirror each other is now forced to do it.

So what happens in episode 5? It’s a room duty week in Miator and the first year students are required to tidy and clean the rooms of randomly chosen senpais. And you just know that Chiyo, whom we saw very briefly in some of the previous episodes will “coincidentally” get to be the maid for Tamao and Nagisa. And that she will turn out be a great admirer of Nagisa (it’s tough being the hottest celebrity in the school). Poor Chiyo is so flabbergasted by her luck that she bumps her head into the desk when trying to bow to express her gratitude. From this point onwards the main plotline is the contest between her and Nagisa who deserves the tiltle of the clumsiest klutz in Miator more.

Chiyo, being the cliched painfully shy girl is too embarrassed to do her duties on the first day. I wonder what would have happened if she had just explained to the Student Council the truth – that she was unable to control herself around the chick magnet called Nagisa? Hey, it worked for Shizuma, right? Anyway, Tamao and Nagisa are a bit worried that their slave, I mean maid, hasn’t showed up yey but Tamao, being the obsessive stalker that she is, seems a lot more concerned that she can’t see Nagisa in a maid uniform. Funnily enough, Yaya makes the same remark about her desire to see Hikari in the above mentioned uniform. Overhearing each other they instantly become friends. I guess the creators of Cowboy Bebop were wrong – similar people do not hate each other (if you have no idea what I am talking about, go watch episode 22 of Cowboy Bebop). At least Yaya and Hikari’s younger friend from Spica is not a copy of Chiyo, thank God for the small favours. Her name is Tsubomi and I actually liked her determined attitude. Of course, all thoughts of not doing what the senpais say disappeared from the Tsubomi’s head as soon as the notion of seeing Hikari in a maid uniform was mentioned but that’s the way things go in Strawberry Panic.

After that the prospect of a tea party is ruined by Chiyo and Nagisa’s clumsiness (I don’t want to spoil you the all so thrilling details, you know). Then we get to the moment everyone had been waiting for – the six girls are punished and of course the punishment consists of wearing maid uniforms and cleaning up a huge building. In the process a great friendship is born, everyone gives their best and all that jazz. In the end the tea party does take place in the middle of the night. I wonder how did Yaya and Tamao managed to control theimselves and not jump on the object of their desires after a long day of cleaning and watching Hikari and Nagisa sweating in their tight uniforms. My guess is that someone put tranquililzers in the tea.

Talking of lolies, not only Chiyo behaves in a very childish manner but Nagisa’s stupid drawing really increased her loli rating. Chiyo really gets on my nerves, she is a lot more tolerable in the manga. Anyway, sure the Miator cast and the Spica characters had to get to know each other at some point (so far not in the biblical sense of the word “know” but you never know what might happen next, no pun intended) but a whole episode about maids is a bit too much. I expect Shizuma to be back with a vengeance in the next episode, angered by the fact she did not appear in this one. Beware, Nagisa!

Why I keep on watching this? Good question, I wsih I could give a reasonably sounding answer. The only explanation I could give now is that it still has not passed the point where the guilty pleasure turns into even more guilty lack of pleasure.