Probably upon seeing this, most people thought 'Great, just what we needed, another blog covering Ouran, as if there are not enough already!' Ok, I agree that there are more than just a few other blogs that review Ouran, but I see no reason why that should stop us from being one of the bunch. Especially whan the anime is so worth it, and when I consider that I have what to say on the matter. It could have been worse, we could have started blogging Suzumiya Haruhi…wait, we already did that.

So what is Ouran all about. Yes, probably there isn't a person who's heard of anime, that doesn't know about Ouran, but still I think a first ep review is rather 'spineless' if there isn't some plot coverage in it. I for one, am more than convinced that there are a lot of avid anime fans who don't have the slightest idea what Ouran is, but please go on.

Oh, and just in case there actually is someone clueless on the small secret that gets revealed in the end of ep 01, be forewarned, we will not be vague and will spill the beans right away, so if you have not seen the first episode and can't stand spoilers, just run away now, or suffer the consequences.

Haruhi Fujioka is the poor scholarship student in a school for the offspring of the influential and rich. Haruhi is average, so average actually, that the only thing that makes her (ok that is the big spoiler here, guys, Haruhi, contrary to what most of the club members think in the beginning is a girl) stand out is that she is absolutely out of place in that school. Yeah, It's a cliche all right. We've had that in a fair number of other animes (Hana Yoi Dango anyone?), still it is nice to see that this one is not about how the poor, but strong soul suffers and opposes the rich kids who haze her. So what then, would a clueless one ask…

While in search of a calm place to study, she finds her 'fate'. Ok, I use 'fate' because that is the destiny of every anime character, in the first ep, he or she has to stumble upon something that will be his/her 'fate' till the end of the series (or the story arc, but let's not get too carried away). So Haruhi's 'fate' comes in the face of the Ouran Gakuin Host Club.

It has six members who greet their new guest only to be shocked by the fact that that guest is a boy (ha, but we know better already, since I spoiled you, didn't I). What a disappointment for them.

The members as the club president and Host King – Tamaki presents them to Haruhi while giving him choice are:

The wild type – Takashi Morinozuka, know as Mori (third year student) A person of few words who seems to only serve as Honey's bodyguard. But I can sense that later will be revealed that there's more to him that what initially meets the eye. Ain't it always so with main characters?

The shota-sweetheart – Mitsukuni Haninozuka – Honey (third year student, who could have guessed) is a senior, whose appearance is more like that of a 10- year-old. And the big plush bunny that he constantly carries doesn't help matters. The moment I saw him, I thought of Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket). But he also reminds me of Armstorng (from Fullmetal Alchemist) with the constant pink flowers that are always sparkling around him. It is just co cute that one can get a toothache.

The devilish type (if you ask me the twincest type) – The twins Kaoru and Hikaru Hitaiichin (first year students). They are absolutely identical and they attract the girls with endless displays of rather cute brotherly love. Long live the twincest, even if it is only meant to ridicule the BL animes. I so love how they act all lovey-dovey and the sparks in their eyes. The are just adorable. Every BL fangirl will drool into a pool of pure pleasure at the sight of them. Well, maybe there are some fangirls who do NOT like incest, no? Yet that's not all that's to them, they are rather mischievous too. And might pull a prank on anyone (mostly Tamaki) if only they have the opportunity.

The cool type – Kyoya Ootori, the Host Club vice-president. The cunning and mischievous type that always pulls the strings from behind. He is the first to catch that Haruhi is female.

And of course, the president himself, the Host Club King – the one and only *drum beat*, *trumpets*, *he enters* Tamaki Suou (second year). Tamaki is an event in the anime history that has to be taken notice of. From now on all comedy characters will be divided into two categories: prior to Tamaki and post Tamaki. But would there ever be someone at the level of Tamaki's ultimate comedy is something we'll have to wait and see for ourselves. Anyone for a Tamaki fanclub? This man has the funniest reactions ever, even the Yakitate Japan characters pale in comparison. Not to mention his crazy imagination which conjures one weird scenario after another.

Tamaki is so aggressive in his introduction of the club member and invades Haruhi's personal space so blatantly that in her attempt to get away from him, she, while backing off, accidentally knocks off a 8-million-yen vase and so her 'fate' is broken, no, I mean sealed. She is to become the Club's servant and errand 'dog'.

And so we see the Club opened and fully operational, with the hosts doing their most to entertain the female population of Ouran Gakuin. Next follow a series of events which include the stunning exhibition of how a commoner prepares commoner's coffee (instant Hescafe) and full presentaion of how the club operates all this garnished with some sweet shota goodness and abundance of twincest references.

But what had me really cracking with laughter is Tamaki's attempts to teach the poor binbou some high-class manners, and at the meantime having this same binbou trying to remember what was the word that described such a person, was it…? no, maybe…, ah yes! Obnoxious! Yup, that's the one. The facial expressions of Tamaki are just priceless. And his tender, easy to hurt (and to heal too) soul is so unmasculine that it makes me laugh even more.


But there is that miracle that under the dull glasses that everyone know obscure and change everything in the apearance of any character, anime or not (or the ocasional mask, but that is not the issue), there is that absolutely gorgeous guy. OК, girl, but Tamaki and the other still clueless members of the Host club do not know of that. So in less than two minutes we get Haruhi all dressed up and promoted to the honorable post of full Host and newest member of the club. What is more, she turns up to be a natural in the field of girl-woeing and heart-seizing. And Tamaki is absolutely stunned by that to the point of not paying enough attention to his companion and thus making her angry and jealous.

And then it wouldn't be normal if this show missed the obligatory bullying every poor kid suffers in a prestigious school. And a dose of jealousy is added for good measure. A Bad Girl(tm) throws Haruhi's things into a fountain. And Tamaki gets to act all gentlemanly by helping Haruhi find her soaked wallet. And in the meanwhile make the viewer laugh once again at his phenomenally riduculous comments.



Her self-proclaimed nemesis for the ep designates Haruhi as her Host in an attempt to continue the hazing but to her greatest shock all the club-members come to their friend's help and things bet rough enough when the King himself claims the Bad Girl is not fit for their Host Club. How rude, Tamaki-sama! >.< How ungentlemanly! I loved it! ^_^.

But since the defensive actions of the BL twin couple included a shower to cool down the passions Haruhi needed a change of clothes and the only available outfit was, guess it… Yes, a female School uniform. And sweet Tamaki, being the ever great time-picker enters in the changing room while our boy is in his underwear and gets to see her rather unremarkable (as far as anime characters' breasts go, that is) boobs. and then he is enlightened, even better his bulb is turned on. Don't get the pun? See the ep and you will ;).




And Tamaki is even more shocked when he finds out he is the last to get this fact about Haruhi. Ah, poor Tama-chan.

Animationwise this is one of the most beautifully done series I've ever seen. The details are simply amazing. Even the smallest ones are done with attention and exquisite precision. It is just a pleasure for the eye. Take a look at the ceilings with their elaborate design or at the luster chandeliers. They are very well drawn with detail and not just blurry just to be there.

A lot of rather unusual and interesting 'camera' angles are used that make things look even better and the viewer is just left gaping in awe at the awesomeness of the anime. And there are the roses that are so overabundant that at a sertain point one starts to almost see them everywhere, and not only on the screen. But they do make the atmosphere even more unique.

The strange rose-frames add something extra to the highly specific and outstanding apearance of the anime and I tend to think of them as some kind of trademark. They just make everything even more gorgeous and classy.


Then there's the music. On more thing that is very well chosen and right to the point. It is classical and just adds to the haughty feeling of the school along with the high ceilings and the smell of old money.

The OP is instant havourite very catchy and lively with stunning animation both in quality and sequence. The ED is simpler as far as animation goes (which is rather normal), but the song is still good, even if not such a favourite of mine as the OP.

I listened to the OP single after it was released and i can honestly say that I like the TV-size OP version better. I miss the "hey, hey, hey" part in the song itself. Or maybe I am associating the song with the anime to such an extent that I have problems accepting it on its own.

But the final verdict is that this is the must-see anime of the season as far as I am concerned. Seeing is believing, so go see for yourselves if you don't believe! That is if you have not already.

I think this episode is the least funny of the first five and yet it made me laugh out loud quite a lot of times. A must see comedy.

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