In case someone is wondering how this series could have continued after the events in the previous episodes here goes – it doesn't actually continue. It starts anew in some sort of parallel universe, after a reset, so to speak.

The events unfold in a different way but in the same place and with the same characters. The festival is yet to start, everyone is oblivious that this is a horror story. OK, maybe the would-be-murderer (I suppose there will be murders) does suspect the genre of this story.

Episode 5 is similar to episode one and could easily be mistaken for a harem romantic comedy. If one misses the first 18 seconds that is.

This short scene is so ghastly that only retards would assume this is going to be a normal comedy after watching it. Assuming it shows us the end of this arc, then Rika is going to kill herself. I don't think it's the best idea to show us a bit of the ending in advance but this anime twists your mind in such a way, that it's good to know at least something for sure.

Watanagashi-11.jpg Watanagashi-5.jpg

Anyway, in my humble opinion episode five does a great job of relieving the tension after the end of the first arc with many really funny moments, yet it adds many new pieces to the puzzle with the most important one being the appearance in the story of Mion's twin sister – Shion. I think it's easy to guess how the presence of identical twins might drive crazy everyone who wants to come up with any theory about the mystery of this village.

But I was talking about hilarious moments – the card game with the proverbs really made me laugh out loud, take that Suzumiya Haruhi and your stupid-not-funny-at-all school club! 🙂

And the doll that Keiichi won really reminded me of Shinku, anyone else thinks it would have been kind of cool if this became some Rozen Maiden/Higurashi crossover with the dolls fighting Oyashiro-sama?

On a completely unrelated note – Shion's uniform in the cafe was so indecent and ridiculous, it could make even some pornstar blush a bit. Well, if she is unhappy she can always think that she could be in much more dire situation, namely being forced to wear a Mai-Otome style robe.


Episode six is much darker and more serious which was to be expected.

Keiichi learns more about the Watanabashi festival than he ever wanted and not surprisingly this seems certain to cause him significant troubles. If I were him I would try to get away from this village as soon as possible but for some reason this option is really unpopular in horror movies or books.

The Watanagashi festival has actually started as a canibalistic ritual performed by the villagers who were convinced they have demon blood so they must eat people from time to time. My theory is that they just got tired of eating just rice and fish and came up with this excuse in order to eat some meat. OK, that wasn't the funniest joke, I muсt have been influenced by Takano who told that story with real glee in her voice.

Who is Takano? Remember the photographer's girlfriend who disappeared in the previous arc? Well, it seems she disappeared again but returned. Well, her body returned or rather was recovered. Burned to death. Although, as of now we can't be sure it's her body so I will not be that quick to proclaim her dead yet.

And poor Tomitake died again, slitting his own throat with his nails. I wonder whether that works if one has really meticulously trimmed nails? Or no nails at all? Sure, they say it hurts like hell when nails are removed but if it can protect you against Oyashiro-sama's curse it might be worth it.


Takano tells her story in the festival tools warehouse. What tools? The tools the Hinamizawa villagers used for cutting and cooking the victims in the good old times. Of course, it's forbidden to enter in this building, yet Tomitake, Takano, Shion and Keiichi do exactly that on the night of the festival. Not the smartest of ideas, I would say. But their accidental meeting sure did not look random to me. Either Takano has the task to lure people to break the taboo because or she just didn't care much that she might get caught? Don't tell me she secretly longed to be eaten by canibals, that would be too weird even for this series.

Anyway, Keiichi is in trouble, everyone starts questioning him what he has been doing the previous night, Oishi (the policeman) even claims he has seen him with the others near the warehouse. Well, K1, you have a mighty task ahead of you if you want to end up alive this time. Talking of people in mortal danger Rika is practically done for but I wonder if her mistake in the ritual will be the main reason for her demise.


The important thing is that the series is still great. The setup in these two episodes promises thrilling (and chilling) events in the next few, we get to know the characters bit by bit and it is certainly not just a repeat of the previous arc with minor changes. If anything it seems even more addicting.

Some people seem to dislike Keiichi but I like him, he is not a wimp as the usual male lead in harem shows, he is not some Sherlock Holmes type of character who would give you hint after hint or can never be deceived, he makes mistakes but is not too stupid. I loved the way he turned that card game around and almost won it.

The girls remain an enigma shrouded in mystery (I guess solving this puzzle is the key to solving everything) but none of them is annoying. Rena's repetition of "kana, kana" is something that I guess would drive me nuts if not executed right, but it totally works here.

Watanagashi-8.jpgScary crowd

Now it's time for a bit of speculation. I think there was nothing random in Keiichi's visit to the warehouse. Shion led him there for some reason. The question is was Takano in the plot and if yes, why? If not, why was she so calm when they caught her on the verge of breaking into the building and why did she trust them to enter together with her and her boyfriend? Oichi is still suspicious. He is either a bad detective or has some other agenda. He always talks with Keiichi in some public place, even approaches him in the presence of Shion. Why?


As for Onikakushi-hen (the first story arc) I think I am now in favour of the theory that Keiichi was paranoid and was imagining that the girls were really threatening him. I think the strongest evidence is for that is the way the events unfolded just prior to the murders – someone took him to his house where Rena and Mion waited for him to wake up before trying to inject him the drug. Why not just inject it whiel he was unconscious in the field?

Furthermore, the conversations between him and the girls switched between creepy and light hearted in a too surreal way for everything to be entirely real. I think his imagination and paranoia turned innocent remarks into something that could make the viewers stop watching and pray for dawn to come sooner because they could see killer lolis in the shadows around them.

That does not explain who killed Tomitake, but who is to say that Keiichi was the only wacko in the village? I hope the real explanation will be really complicated. I need to rewatch Onikakushi-hen and come up with some really long (and wrong) theory. This series sure is addicting. 🙂