You know, I feel bad for not writing separate entries for every Nana episode. But it just seems there is not much to say apart from praising this show to no end without being really able to explain why I like it. And unlike other series I really don't want to summarise the events in the episodes because they seem to sound so boring when I do it. Why all the praise and yet mention the word "worst" in the title of this review? Because of the bloody recap episode, that is why!

Yes, we had a recap episode – number six, if we are to be precise. Sure, it seemed better than episode one but that's not a reason to include it now. If Madhouse really had to change the series because of the mangaka's demands as rumour has it, they should have either started with what's now episode two or just stuck to their decision and continued from the point they left it in the end of the first episode. Not make some stupid recap or rather a repeat of a single episode with a handful of new scenes.

Episode one did its job – it hooked up the viewers who hadn't read the manga or watched the movie. OK, at least it did it with me and it seems quite obvious that it was a much better choice for a start of the series than Hachi's story. Enough was hinted about the two Nanas past, the contrast between them was iteresting, it was simply a very intriguing start. Who cares if the manga did it in a different way?



Enough bitching, let's move to episode five. It continued the story of Oosaki Nana (shocking, isn't it?) and it just showed us that this show, unlike many other, features characters who can take decisions as adults, not as spoiled kids.

If this was your average anime Ren would either stay with BLAST or leave after at least two episodes of scandals and quarrels between the band members. And instead of simply bitching or getting depressed Nana decides to prove to Ren she can make a good career without him. Beautiful, yet not cheesy love story, moving separation scene and as a result of that I am really looking forward to Nana and Ren meeting again in Tokyo.


Episode seven was a bit surprising. Why? Well, it made me laugh even more than the last few Ouran episodes and that's not a small achievement. Hachi's wild imagination which came up with the idea of Sachiko, the slut from Tokyo who was stealing Shouji away from her, really reminded me of Tamaki's weird imaginary scenarios. And things became even funnier when Shouji decided to play along but ended up really puzzled about who this Sachiko was.


Then both Nanas tried to "prove" how incapable they were of living on their own. Their cluelessness was quite hilarious and I can't say I envy their friends who will probably have to help them a lot. Shouji and Hachi's relationship was developed further but it's not really that interesting to me.

The diverse and fashionable looking clothing of the characters is an interesting detail which just shows that a lot of effort and money has been put into this series. And since I am tired of shows where characters have just one or two outfits, one of which is usually the inevitable school uniform I can only applaud this.


Well, that's all from me (yes, too little, I know). But basically If you have liked the previous episodes I am convinced you will like these ones, too (except the recap). The interaction between the two Nanas promises to be really fun in the future and the characters development is proceeding well. And if that's not enough to convince you – the announcer in the previews is hot and her name is Nana too. 🙂