It's a sad moment for the students at whatever the name of the academy is, let's just refer to it as Hime Academy, for easier. It's summer brake. Yeah, who would have thought that the students would be sad they are free to do as they please outside the walls of their all boys' school. But no! They are sad 'cause a vacation means time away from their beloved Himes. Now, if there are any men out there tell me please, how can that be sane.

The boys are going outside, to the world where REAL women are, but they would still prefer the company and smile of a Hime. There's something very wrong with that. Even I, who am a firm supporter of boy on boy action, find this disturbing. This is not sane, for Christ sake, it is simply not!





So how do we solve the problem with the lonely Hime-less summer. We take loads of pics of the desired fake girls in romantic dresses. Ah, they look good in them, but still this is somehow not right. But they do look good. That's it, I approve!

It is good that there is one almost normal boy – that being Mikoto, who actually dreams of, oh, no the blasphemy – REAL GIRLS! The poor bastard has a girlfriend somewhere out there, in the world which is blissfully unaware of the Hime system in Hime Academy.


And he gets mocked and threatened for that. Ok, on a sane level, I know it is bad, but he is such a fun to tease that I can wholeheartedly embrace the idea of him being treated like that every time.

So the final is that it's Shihoudani and Kouno, who stay in the school during the vacation. All alone, together, in one room. Ahh, the possibilities that flash in front of my eyes, all fruit to my overly BL orientated mind are so beautiful. And they are so in the aspect of the teaser-ED that has my hopes high since the first ep.


And then there's the fact that the dorms have no air-conditioning at such times, so the heat might make the kids hot, they might tear their clothes is attempts to feel the breeze against their naked skins but the sight of the tender skin of their beautiful roommates they might turn even hotter and indulge in some delightfully sinful pleasures. And if they do that "on screen" I could never be happier. Shit, *goes to take a cold shower, 'cause her imagination has taken the better of her.*


The next day happens to be Shihoudani's birthday and he gets a call form his family asking him to go home for the occasion, but not only is he not happy with the idea, but he is rather depressed after the call ends. And Kouno hiding behind a corner overhears the call and later tries to brighten his roommate's mood which ends with Shihoudani offering for them to go girl-hunting the next day. Bad, Shihoudani, really bad. There you should have jumped Tooru and taken him on the spot for the pleasure of all BL' ing viewers.





Ok, so they go girl-hunting, but looks like the types they look for have taken the day off (normally, who needs females in this series anyway). Shihoudani looks for big boobs and Kouno for the comforting type. But in the end they are enjoying only each other's company in a café *thumbs up*. And then two boys hit on them. Priceless!

But the sudden jump form laugh to "I want you to listen to my life-story" form Yuujirou is absolutely out of place. It comes out of nowhere and just makes no sense.


So then follows the 'sad, tragic and terrifying' story of Shihoudani's life, here and there interrupted by the horror pictures prematurely provided by Kouno's vivid imagination.

And it is funny – the story of the fatherly-type school teacher, who asked the adoring kid to stay after school and heavily breathing grabbed that same kid (Shihoudani, in case you didn't realize) with his sweaty hands and… oh, my God the horror pic of rape jumps to your mind to be shattered by the sudden demand for the mother's hand. *laugh*




But as it turns out, the new family soon expands with a little brother and Yuujirou starts to feel left out and slowly estranges form his relatives and he doesn't know how to fit back in.

Ok the whole feeling of this episode was rather good, but I feel that the transition between the funny beginning and the angsty second part was very poorly executed. Still I like the Shihoudani x Kouno interaction and character development.

The music during the life-story telling was rather fitting and even almost good. I didn’t expect something on this level from a series that mediocre as whole.

Funny but maybe because I don't expect anything form this series and watch it just for fun and to relax between exams, it constantly succeeds to surprise me in a good way.