June 2006


Quite a lot of time has passed since the last Simoun entry, I wonder whether anyone who is not following the raws is still remembering about this series. Thankfully a new fansub group named Simoun fans was formed so the series subbing was resumed. And it’s still as good as the previous episodes, though in episode four the emphasis is on world-building which might drive some people away. (more…)



The chapter starts with Shuurei waking up to find her royal husband lying on her and of course they are seen, but we know this from the anime. What is different in the manga however is the breakfast after that not so memorable first wedding night.

Shuurei is not sure what happened and desperately wants to hear that nothing took place, but Ryuuki acts nasty and … (more…)


Another chapter of Higurashi begins and yet again black becomes white, right becomes left and you just don't know what to believe in. It is amazing how carefully constructed theories seem to be way off the mark in one moment and looking very much like the truth behind it all mere minutes later. This story arc is called Tatarigoroshi-hen and it concentrates on Satoko and despite the same characters and setting it feels a lot different than the previous two which is an achievement in itself. (more…)


Ok, I have not seen it done on another blog (which doesn't mean it has not happened, just that I am not aware of it), but that would hardly be a reason why I shouldn't do it, so I decided for now to try blogging the chapters of Saiunkoku Monogatari manga. I know that most people would blog episodes or just say a few words about a volume of manga or even the whole manga, but since I like Saiunkoku too much for the time being I'll do it like this. (more…)


Wow, it is eps four already and I was eagerly waiting for this sub ever since I saw the raw. I had so many evil and naughty ideas, but that is not the topic here. The thing is that this ep really makes me feel good. The fanservice for those like me is aplenty and I can not hide my pleasure that they did it the way it is.

What do we have after all? (more…)


First of all, what kind of title is that? I read somewhere that it was supposed to be Read or Dream at first then they changed it to Read or Die and to mask the change just wrote the abbreviation. It's a series about heroines with superpowers – original isn't it? But the superpowers element is handled superbly – the series is neither a boring sequence of battles against ever stronger enemies, nor was it all angst along the lines of "Should I use my superpowers or not? Ah, what am I going to do with my life!".

Furthermore, the series offers a lot of eye-candy and manages to combine well character and plot development. And that's exactly the problem – great potential which creates great expectations which in turn are never fulfilled. (more…)


Just a few words on the Saiunkoku Monogatari manga. Yesterday was provided the first chapter by one of the scanlating groups and I grabbed it right off.* (more…)

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