Ok, I know I am quite behind on most of the shows I am supposed to blog, but I do what I can. Anyway, I am already at ep five of Princess Princess. Oh, and by the way, in case someone doesn't know, the show is going to be 12 eps only, so the next ep I will blog will mark the middle. Of course, no one, not even me knows when I will come around to blogging ep 6, but that is not the topic of this rant. And I am trying to catch up. I really am. At least on this show…

The beginning is of an unknown man watching pics of the Himes and claiming that he must find them. And then the name of the ep suggests stalking. I can already envision the drama. I guess it would be Mikoto that would take it worse. He just is the one to suffer when it comes to stalking. I understand him a bit this time. He thought he would have a nice summer vacation with his girlfriend, but instead is summoned to take part in the Hime activities. Anyone would be pissed off actually. I guess that makes him the only sane person in Hime Academy.


So we have summer heat and the Himes working – cheering on the basketball team. How boring… And it is the same, while Shihoudani and Kouno do their job properly Mikoto is sulking and wouldn't do anything unless he is forced to. And then come the School Council President (SCP) and Sakamoto.

Well, the unbearable heat ruins the Himes' make-up so they must do something, in this case go to the Hime Academy make-up room. And as if sensing something in the air the SCP orders Sakamoto to escort them 'just in case'. Wow, the tension increases, or would have if I didn't find this moderately funny. But on with the stalking, ah, I mean the show. Well the truth is I wouldn't mind stalking Shihoudani, or maybe even better stalk both him and Kouno, preferably while they are only the two of them doing what most BL fangirls wish to see them do on screen.


So while in the make-up room, we find out the name of Mikoto's secret girlfriend – it's Megumi-san in case you care – and it seems she is older than him too. Way to go Mikoto! But obviously the problem is that while she doesn't use make-up, he is supposed to use it and know quite a lot about it. I guess only a boy can say what that is from a male's prospective, but I don't mind men who know about make-up. I would feel a bit awkward going out with a guy who wears it though.


Anyway, the stalker is just outside, taking pictures and looking suspicious, which I guess is obligatory for any self-respecting stalker. Wow, the horror, what is going to happen next? Who is going to be the next victim… Ah, seems like I am confusing the shows here.

Wow, Sakamoto is quite the CSI: Pri Pri team member. Maybe I am not the only one to confuse the shows around here. But let's get ahead of ourselves.



When the Himes and Sakamoto go to the Home Economics room they see flowers everywhere and their dresses all over the place. And here the master detective, the Kun-kun* in Sakamoto wakes up – he stops the Himes from entering and thus polluting the crime scene.


Then comes the rest of the CSI: Pri Pri team in the faces of SCP and his minions and suspicion has it, it might be a stalker! So the Himes are to go straight to the dorms. Ah, the plot thickens. Nah, it's not actually, but the phrase sounds good.

The night falls. The lurker is probably somewhere around, the mystery level rises and the suspense reaches unbelievable heights (almost to the level while watching a replay of yesterday's weather forecast).


The Himes are in the dorm and while Shihoudani and Kouno discuss the incident, Mikoto is on the phone with his girlfriend. The other two catch him though and tease him how he is dishonest with her for not telling her of his Hime activities. I really love to see Mikoto teased. And he almost broke into tears. Poor soul.


And on the next day… It actually gets worse, all students have cut their summer vacation short as soon as they found out the Himes are in danger and will do their best in protecting their icons. I can only guess that the girls out there must be terrifyingly ugly. This would be the only explanation why would men prefer cross-dressing guys to girls. Or it is just that one of the ground rules for getting admitted to Hime Academy is to be gay with a cross-dressing fetish. It took you 5 episodes to realise that rule? It's the only way the plot would make any sense whatsoever.

Whatever, I guess this will forever remain a mystery. And honestly, I am not sure I want to know the truth even if it is available.

But seems that this is a repetition of a similar case from the time when the SCP was a Hime. Or maybe not? Wow!



So how do we catch the stalker? We use bait – the Himes. And surprisingly enough Mikoto is the first to volunteer to be the one to lure him out of his hiding. And the other two quickly raise voices too.






So the three bravehearts go out and do their daily routine hoping the stalker will show himself and be caught. And so he does, only it turns out he is looking forward to make them idols. But…

…it looks he was not the one who sent the flowers. Wow, the mystery gets even more mysterious! Kind of…



And then comes the Hysteric Designer – Natashou… carrying three bunches of roses for the Himes. The mystery is solved – he was the person who brought the roses. They had something to do with his next design and he needed the inspiration, the idiot.

So the mystery is solved – there was no stalker. There goes my enthusiasm about the mysterious case – down the drain. That reminds of me of the last two episodes of Strawberry Panic which also had some boring investigation as an excuse for a plot. It seems that the new rule in scriptwring is something along the lines of "when you can't think of anything, write a pointless mystery".



What is left is for Mikoto to go on a date with his beloved Megumi-san and for Shihoudai and Kouno to follow him of course. Only they are mistaken for girls once again (see the previous ep for reference) and while they are courted by a couple of guys Mikoto and his beloved get away. 🙂 Mistaken for girls? Shocking, isn't it? 🙂

Ok, my overall feelings and impression of this ep are not as high as after the previous. I guess that simple humour is just not enougn, I need at least a touch of character development and seriousness. There was some around Mikoto, who is ususally the most neglected, but it seemed partial and his usual behaviour just ruined the effect.

After five eps, which is almost half the series, I still have no idea what the point of the story is, I mean beside the idea of making a BL inuendo comedy. Come on, just give it a point, it's heading nowhere for now. Or are you, dear creators, trying to abide to the yaoi motto ăƒ€ăƒžăȘし、ă‚ȘチăȘă—ă€æ„ć‘łăȘし (yamanashi, ochinashi, iminashi – no climax, no point, no meaning)? If so, then you have more than reached your target.

The animation which I didn't mention in my previous entry remains below average – abundance of still shots and shots where the only thing moving are the lips of the characters, but this is not such a surprise. Still the character design is rather enjoyable, so I guess that will be enough.


* You need to have seen Rozen Maiden to get this one.

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