OK, this is ep 3 of the series and the truth is, this show is rapidly climbing up on my list. It has it all – it's moderately funny, the characters are smart and witty, the story-line goes fine so far, the character design fits my taste and man I just love the BL innuendoes here and there. They are done with such taste and to the point that one can't help but laugh. I guess that even people that don't like BL references might find this show good. But of course, I can't be sure. Whatever, if they miss the show for such stupid reason it's their fault.

So ep three…

It is a month now since Shuurei became the Emperor's wife and started to work on changing him. And where did that lead to? Ryuuki is now attending the Imperial Council meetings and studies to learn what is needed to be a good Emperor.




But one night Ryuuki has a nightmare of his older brother leaving and when he wakes up it's Seiran who's by his side and clutches to his hand. You can only imagine how my romantic BL-thriving heart did doki-doki at the sight of that. And it was so sweet too. The two of them together in the bedroom… ah the possibilities…

And then out of nowhere the Emperor offers Seiran a night together… Oh, my God, I am all for, unfortunately, the offer is turned down. But that is to be expected I guess, knowing what is revealed in the next ep… Still I can't help but feel a little disappointed. Man, such a great opportunity is missed…


But as it turns out, our fair beauty the Emperor is a tad jealous of Seiran and how the latter is the person Shuurei relies on the most, so he decides it is time he took some action to build a bridge between himself and his wife. Man is he fast, only moments before he was offering Seiran a night of passion and now he goes to look for his wife. I don't know whether I should admire him for his fast recovery over being turned down or be disappointed how quickly he changes his objectives. Ah, considering the fact that he is a bishi, and a great one too, I guess I'd forgive him almost everything.

But… there's one big issue for everyone in the Palace – the fact that the esteemed family doesn't share the same bed and this will make it hard to produce heirs. Wow, it is sweet to see how Shuurei blushes at the mentioning of kids but still knowing that her honorable husband has it for his gender she feels rather safe and finds it absolutely fine to be alone in her bed, only…



Only her Royal Husband comes to her late in the evening bringing her a bunch of roses he himself picked in the garden. Oh, the romantic moments in this ep are so many and they just touch my heart.

So can you all envision the pretty Emperor, going around the garden picking roses and having his beautiful skin torn by the nasty thorns. Ah, that is so unfair…

And his wife shares my feelings. She is so worried that he hurt his hands and had to wander so late in the cold. So of course she invites him in her room and treats his wounds… ahhh…


Yet the Emperor is once again faced with the proof that he might have something to be jealous of when he sees that his wife has a few roses courtesy of Seiran and when his calloused hands are compared to, yeah you guessed it correct, Seiran's.

But obviously what bugs the guy even more is the fact that Shuurei addresses everyone else by name, him being the only exception, so he demands that she called him Ryuuki from that moment on… and blushes kawaii-ly as he hears his name exit the lips of his lovely wife.


But he has the bad manner to fall asleep on Shuurei while she treats his scratches and tells him a fairy-tale of why roses have thorns. And now I am curious to know the end of the story, but Google is of no help so I hope that in some future episode they'll share with us what happened with the Rose Princess (Bara Hime).



So with the Sleeping Beauty in the form of Ryuuki now in her bed Shuurei faces the hard choice of where to sleep and decides upon sleeping with her husband, since he swings the other way ;), but just in case puts a comforter between them. The use however proves to be little since she wakes up in Ryuuki's embrace. And goes ballistic…

And very soon the whole Palace knows that the Royal family spent the night together because the young maid saw them and delivered the news to everyone.


The next evening just in A Thousand and One Nights fashion Ryuuki comes again in order to hear the end of the story he fell asleep on the night before but our Shuurei, being the smart girl that she is, quickly catches that his purpose is to spend the night in her room. She also has a present for her husband a hand-made handkerchief and he treasures it even more upon finding out she never made one for Seiran (wow, my dear Emperor, don't go overboard with jealousy).


It is fine to see how Ryuuki is ready to protect Shuurei at the possible cost of his health or life. On a formal evening party she is offered a cup of sake, which he drinks in her stead only to fall ill some time later when they are in her room. Obviously the drink had poison in it and still suspecting that, he drank it in order not to inspire a scandal. Seiran is also there and he is the one to tell Shuurei why the Emperor had to drink the sake, no matter what.






As Seiran leaves, Ryuuki tells his wife why he is afraid of the dark. It turns out his life was also far from pleasant in his early years.



Being the youngest son, he was considered useless and was maltreated by his parents and older brothers, who would lock him up and ignore him or beat him. The only light in that dark part of his life was the presence of his second oldest brother – Seien, who would take care for him, treat his wounds and educate him, but that one was exiled when Ryuuki was only six.

Luckily at that time the little kid met Shuurei's father who became his friend.


And all that sad story is overheard by Seiran who is outside.

In the morning the Emperor has already recovered and presents his wife with a hairpin only to have a tad strange reaction – she wonders how many houses could be built at the price of that piece of jewelry. Yet she still accepts it with a smile. Typical Shuurei – pragmatic and yet nice.



And I just love how they are consistent in making Shuurei smart and someone who thinks logically and is able to draw conclusions from the things that happen around her. In the ep she considers that if her husband has realized that the sake was messed up with then he is not the air-head he pretends to be. And remembering how fast he is in picking up things and how well he manages his obligations as Emperor she realizes he has only been playing the fool all along.




Then she decides he has been bugging her, so she (kind of) beats him up. While I don't approve of male-beating female characters in anime (what about female-beating female characters, lol?), in this particular case I find myself approving of he actions. And it was off screen anyway, we just hear some suspicious noises.

What I really like is how every now and then there would be some references to Shuurei's poor life and the effect it has on her. And I am so relieved that instead of having her being the whining, always complaining of her hard life idiot, she simply takes it as something normal and pays no attention to it. She can reminiscent on her past with some humour and the voice actor does really good job of showing us her feelings.

And I just love her interaction with the servants, they are people to her and she is so unaffected by the sudden jump to the prestigious spot of Emperor's wife.

I also like the way this anime treats its characters so far. While it obviously is not shounen-ai in any way no matter how much I would have loved it to be, I can't hide my pleasure that the emperor and Shuurei don't just end up in love with each other at first sight as happens in most animes, where one meeting is enough and from then on the characters are all lovey-dovey.

Here they actually walk a path towards each other and they are friends for now. I really fell like there is reason for them to feel attracted or to fall for each other at some further point as they discover what kind of person the other is. I mean this was something I really missed in anime in general. While the character interaction between the main cast is always there and used to develop the characters, it is mostly in different aspects and not in the terms of love as it is in this case.

I would love to see how they interact and how they actually fall in love instead of being served the fact that they are in love.

The animation is a bit worse in this ep, the characters seem a little strange but still the show looks good in general. There are a few more still shots with moving mouths than it would have been wise, but honestly, I said it in the first ep review, while I picked this show up because of the bishis in it, I am watching it now for more reasons than just that.