The Promo for Gundam SEED C.E. 73 STARGAZER (man they do have some weird fetish for CapsLock) is out and me being the crazy Gundam SEED fanatic I saw it right away.

Now I'll have to say that as always the first thing to grab my attention, as strange as it might be, was the music. Another very good song, sung by the absolutely unknown to me Negishi Satori, but it actually fits to my perception of the series and I like how it combined with what was on screen.







As for the promo itself. Well I can't say I am terribly impressed (still I can't wait for the OVA itself) since we neither get a good view of Strike Noir, no are granted even a brief look of the Duel and Buster remastered versions, and I do love those since the original SEED, especially Duel, since I just drool over Yzak (but not as much as over Athrun, whatever this is not important).

The promo is 1 min 40 sec if you don't count the ads and titles and as if it is not short even that way, everyone who sees the promo would notice, that out of these 100 seconds 20 are, hold your breath, stock footage.

Now, I guess no one would really be surprised, as stock footage is the Gundam SEED trademark and is long since something that the viewers started to actually expect, but man, couldn't they spare us this treatment at least in the promo, or is there so much stock footage in the OVA, that this was an unachievable task. I am not sure I want to know.

Also all of the air-dates for the three parts have been set

STAGE 1 – July 14th

STAGE 2 – August 11th

STAGE 3 – September 15th

GSD SE p2.jpg

And as a side note. The next part of the Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition –それぞれの剣 (Sorezore no Tsurugi) is to be released on DVD on August 25th. I hope the air date will be earlier in August as was the case with the first part of the SE, but (sadly) so far I have found no specific info on the matter…

And just to state it – the cover looks horrible and this perspective makes Athrun look not his usual bishi, so it is a huge NO-NO!