Just a few words on the Saiunkoku Monogatari manga. Yesterday was provided the first chapter by one of the scanlating groups and I grabbed it right off.*

While I would really love to actually read the novels which are bound to give a better knowledge of the world and the characters, I am not passing on the manga too. Plus there are not many groups willing to start translating a novel.


What interested me the most was to see to what extent would the manga match the character designs in the anime. And my, oh my, are the bishounen even prettier! I mean I still have troubles to decide once and for all if I prefer Seiran or Ryuuki, but here they both are pure gold on the bishi side. Even if Ryuuki is a bit disturbingly beautiful in quite the feminine sense of the the word. But Seiran is just perfect.

I like the way the hair of the guys is drawn in the manga, looks much better and I am a sucker for long-haired bishounen.


Chapter one covers the first ep of the anime and if the scanlations manage to go ahead of the anime, or at least ahead of the subs this would be good as my understanding of the raws will rise a few notches. Considering however that the anime has already gone into volume 2 of the novels, I am not sure if the scanlations would be able to catch up with the anime, but as I said, even if they manage to go ahead of the subs I'll be happy.


* Please don't ask for links, if you are a fan, you'll know where to look for it