Ok, I have not seen it done on another blog (which doesn't mean it has not happened, just that I am not aware of it), but that would hardly be a reason why I shouldn't do it, so I decided for now to try blogging the chapters of Saiunkoku Monogatari manga. I know that most people would blog episodes or just say a few words about a volume of manga or even the whole manga, but since I like Saiunkoku too much for the time being I'll do it like this.


Chapter two roughly covers some of what happened in eps 2 and 3 of the anime, but there's another meeting between the Emperor and Shuurei (before they officially know who is who).

Ryuuki considers the woman he has met to be some servant at the harem and is surprised to find out she is actually his a concubine.

There were some nice jokes in this that I really liked. And especially the lurking Ryuuki who tries to secretly see who's in the harem, as if he has no right to enter it.

I am glad that the manga is not too close to the anime or it would have been too boring and predictable. In this way readers can get a different view on the story and the characters and this will help them get a better idea of what is going on.

Another difference is that Shuurei doesn't take the Emperor out for a walk around the town and later for a visit at her home, but instead tells him the story of the sakura trees in her yard while they are in the royal garden.


Otherwise we have the emperor waking up and grabbing Seiran then offering him a sleepless passionate night, which is an offer sadly turned down in the manga as well :(, (now, why wouldn't they indulge me with some Seiran x Ryuuki BL fanservice is beyond me).

Then Ryuuki goes to Shuurei with roses, gets his hands treated and he falls asleep while she is telling him the Bara-hime story, which is once again cut short and I don't find out what happens in it (damn!).

But what is more memorable is the absolutely stunning beauty of the art. I mean Ryuuki is just like a candy waiting to be devoured by the best seme around *cough* Seiran *cough* and the same goes for Seiran, but the truth is, in this chapter it is the Emperor, who is the bishi of the day.


Feast on the bishis, for they deserve it as much as every naughty fangirl does. 🙂