Quite a lot of time has passed since the last Simoun entry, I wonder whether anyone who is not following the raws is still remembering about this series. Thankfully a new fansub group named Simoun fans was formed so the series subbing was resumed. And it’s still as good as the previous episodes, though in episode four the emphasis is on world-building which might drive some people away.


It begins with Aeru and Morinas trying some ri-maajons. Of course, Aeru, being Aeru, hasn’t bothered to ask for permission to use one of the Simouns. I think they should keep them locked and heavily guarded just to prevent her from defying authority whenever she feels like it. Until she finds some other way to do it, that is.



Morinas is obviously not that great of a pilot (I still don’t get it how they both seem to take part in the piloting, shouldn’t Morinas be just a navigator?) so the Simoun spirals out of control before Aeru reigns it in, so to speak. Paraieta is of course angry that those two have been “offering prayers”. Aeru clamly explains that they haven’t been praying, just training for battle. Talk about showing a red cloth to a bull…


Paraieta tries to slap her but Aeru does not recognize her authority as the self-proclaimed Regina of Chor Tempest while Neville is depressed. Morinas asks Paraieta whether she and Neville have a “special relationship”. Come on, Morinas, not everything in the world revolves about sex, you are just an exception of the rule.


Morinas wants a kiss from Aeru. Why – as gratitude to Tempus Spatium after the flight? Morinas, read the last sentence from the previous paragraph again, please. Aeru refuses, though,



Rimone thinks that Chor Tempest are a bunch of losers who cannot perform simple Ri Maajons while the rest of the Chor seem resigned to their fate as normal priestess who won’t fight any more. Except Aeru, that is and you will see why. And Rimone, not everyone can be a 12-year old prodigy who knows everything about ri-maajon and eats snacks all day without getting fat. Cut them some slack, OK?



Aeru tries again to persuade Neville to end her isolation and lead the Chor again. The pink-haired girl says to Aaeru “You and I will never be a pair”. Who are you kidding, Neville? Of course, you will be, that’s so obvious, even not counting the opening.

Gotta love Aaeru’s spirit, she takes Rimone with her and instead of just practicing Ri Maajons goes in search for the enemy in order not to waste Ri Maajon power. Well done, yuri-power must be cherished and saved for grand occasions! Furthermore, Aeru feels that she must do something to prevent Chor Tempest from being taken out of action for good.




Rimone and Aeru land to investigate something that looks like a Simoun but it turns out a dummy and they end up captured by an Argentum soldier. He is after their Simoun but cannot make it fly.


While the two Sibyllas are being in captivity, Aeru tells Rimone that she doesn’t know whether she wants to become male or female and is not keen on Onashia (the head priestess) deciding instead of her, either. That’s here reason to be a Sibylla. Call me a coward but I would think twice before going into battle just because I cannot decide whether I want to be male or female. After all, being dead is probably worse than making a bad choice of sex. 🙂


The guy who captured them tells them that in Argentum no one decides about that, it’s all done by hormones and surgery shortly after birth. He cannot fathom what it would be like to have a choice in the matter. The Helical engine will also reduce the pollution in Argentum. Pollution which seems to be the cause of the man’s illness. Seems like yuri energy is not only as powerful as they come but also nice for the environment. Too bad the girls don’t understand a single word from his little speech.


The language barrier seems to be important issue in this episode, I think it mainly serves to show how different are the two sides in the battle. I guess most viewers are naturally on the side of Simulacrum because the Argentumians seem to be the agressors but if their goal really is to get rid of pollution, shouldn’t we blame the smaller country for keeping the benefits of the technology all for themselves, justifying this with Tempus Spatium? Of course, no country in our world would share such a potent technology either but that doesn’t exactly make it right or deserving praise.



Aeru has a dagger hidden in her sleeve which comes in handy. One wouldn’t expect such a thing from a Sybilla but this is Aeru after all. I wonder why she waited for the end of the guy’s monologue before using it the dagger, though. Too bad their captor overpowers them once again and our two heroines run for their lives into the woods. The man is desperately trying to make the Simoun work – sorry dude, you are out of luck. No yuri – no flying.

In the morning they find him dead in the cockpit. There are stains of blood all over and Aeru has a hard time throwing the body out of the Simoun. Great gesture by her to spare Rimone that gruesome task, I think. Aeru cries while doing this dirty work, it’s not too clear whether she cried for the man or because of outrage that she and Rimone have to take part in a war. When they get back to the ship Rimone and Aeru clean the ship by themselves.


Nice episode. We learn a lot about Argentum whose citizens thankfully are not some mysterious villains who harass the good guys just for the sake of harassing them. They have a clear objective and justification for their actions. Rimone and Aeru are of the rare breed of anime characters who while being naturally gifted (abilities-wise, not gifted with a great body, I mean) are not annoying and Aeru’s character development progresses really well. The two of them seem to work well together and so far are my favourites in tihs series.


mini-bscap287.jpg mini-bscap248.jpg

Witnessing the death of the unnamed soldier seemed to have shaken them quite a bit, that’s obviously one of the themes of the series. Remember how Neville lost concentration when she saw the enemies as humans, not some evil beasts in episode one?

The video quality of the new fansub is impressive, the terminology is translated much better than in the Doremi sub and that makes the series all the more enjoyable. I can watch the episodes numerous times and not get bored and for me this is a real sign of quality.