July 2006


What is cotton? A kind of fabric? A plant often asscociated with the the south areas of the USA? All true but it’s also the title of the manga I am going to write about. It’s sweet but not damned cheesy or childish, short (just four chapters) and without filler, it has gorgeous looking characters who are also interesting and get quite a lot of development. And (shock and horror!) it doesn’t go over the top with the amount of angst. What’s not to like? Wait, did I mention the yuri undertones? (more…)



Ten days without any mew entries, I feel a bit guilty but I am so much behind the aired Simoun episodes anyway. Not that this should be an excuse for my laziness. I hope the next entry will come more quickly because the next episode is simply awesome. This one is an important setup episode, although it suffers from having too little Aaeru and Rimone. (more…)

mini-bscap0014.jpg mini-bscap00411.jpg

Seems that I like posting new Simoun entries on Wednesday nights. Too bad I have been too lazy and football crazy to do the same with shows whose episodes are actually being subbed on a weekly basis. No battles in this episode, just more team building for Choir Tempest – you know relationships, angst and so on, plus the thing what a lot of us have been waiting for – more yuri action. (more…)


Shocking, isn’t it? Less than a week after the previous Simoun entry here comes a new one. I hope it’s not too late for this series to get the recognition it deserves and with the change in its fansubbing status this might just happened. If not, we, the people with a refined taste will enjoy it anyway, so it’s no big deal. (more…)