Shocking, isn’t it? Less than a week after the previous Simoun entry here comes a new one. I hope it’s not too late for this series to get the recognition it deserves and with the change in its fansubbing status this might just happened. If not, we, the people with a refined taste will enjoy it anyway, so it’s no big deal.

The episode starts with Rimone screwing up while Choir Tempest is engaged in a battle with a small group of anemies and as a result the ri-maajon is not executed properly. The other members of the choir are obviously disappointed by that and pity Aaeru who who has to fly together with the young prodigy who is not living up to her status of, you know, a prodigy.



Have no fear, a new Sibylla arrives to help out. Her name is Dominura and you can totally picture her as a dominatrix with a leather catsuit and a whip. 🙂 She tells Rimone, or rather informs the viewers, that Rimone has broken all the records at the Academy before being accepted as the youngest Sibylla in history. So they have something of a military academy with written and practical tests and all that jazz and yet insist the Sibyllas are nothing but priestess. I wonder if this is subtle criticism of the religious hypocricy which is quite prevalent in our own world?




Dominura informs Rimone that her problems will end, she only has to do whatever her new Mistress flying partner says. She can be a full time loli prodigy again. If Dominura knew Rimone’s character perfectly even she, despite her obvious determination might have refused this task.


Guragief, the man in charge of the Choirs, and Anuviduf, the Arcus Prima captain, discuss Dominura’s approach to the problem of Choir Tempest’s recent lacklustre perfromances. Anuviduf claims no adult can understand children therefore he won’t bother trying to understand what’s going on with the Sibyllas on his ship. Sure captain – why bother weith that when you can delegate this job to someone else? Just don’t run to your mother crying if angsty Sibyllas wreck your ship together with the enemy fleet. 🙂





Rimone decides to visit Aaeru. The latter is in a great mood while Rimone is obviously haunted by the memory of the man who died in her Simoun in the previous episode. She asks Aaeru about ending their relationship as a flying pair and the latter casually says this is fine by her.

The prodigy is looking for advice from Aaeru. She says she has done what she has been asked to do and has ended up on this ship. Aaeru tells her to decide on her own but tells her she has to either fight in battles or leave.


Then we have a short Rimone flashback, showing us that her awesome abilities used to create problems for the other cadets – she just seems to lack a sense of teamwork. Having had no luck with one of the lead characters, Rimone tries finding help from the other. She asks Neville whether she is scared of fighting. Although Sibylla Aurea denies it, she cannot tell Rimone what she is supposed to do.

Dominura takes Rimone to the ri-maajon training pool. She totally looks like some kind of mother figure while helping Rimone put on her training suit. As usual the training is so beautiful in an ethereal kind of way, the piano version of the opening song really enhancing the atmoshpere.




I know that so far this episode doesn’t sound that exciting – no yuri loving, no battles, nothing! Have no fear, after the messages Simoun is back with a vengeance and we will have a battle, I promise! Sorry, I got carried away.


Rimone and Dominura are sent on a reconnaissance mission with Floe and Alti. Dominura commands Rimone to take the auriga seat in the Simoun, despite the latter being used to fly as sagitta. According to Dominura the genius loli has been supressing her abilities unconsciously after the incident with the dead man.


So they take off. I know I must have mentioned that already in the previous entry but just watching the Simouns fly really stirs my emotions in a good way, their movements are so exquisite. Floe doubts Rimone can fly as sagitta but Dominura cuts her off before Rimone can think of an answer.

The two Simouns pass over a mountain crest and it starts snowing. The atmospheric music which reminded me of some Pink Floyd songs (probably because I am not really into this kind of electronic music) combined with the beautiful landscape really makes this scene rather memorable.

mini-bscap0055.jpg mini-bscap0056.jpg





Then Rimone spots enemy tanks. A battle ensues and let me say from the start – I don’t give a fuck if you think it was unrealistic, it was as beautiful as possible for a battle. And the power of yuri should never, ever be underestimated.

Alti and Floe perform a simple ri-maajon which destroys a few tanks. Predictably enough, Rimone is shell shocked and unable to do anything at first despite Dominura’s angry shouts. Another flashback follows showing the death of a cadet during a ri-maajon training session. The reason – Rimone not listening to anyone and thinking she can do just about everything.



Back at the Arcus Prima people seem worried that the reconnaissanse mission should have been over by now. Come on, show a little patience, people, destroying so many tanks is not a piece of cake. Alti and Floe are having great troubles fighting in the blizzard and doubt Rimone and Dominura can do anything useful on their maiden flight as a pair (this sentence sounds so erotic). Have no fear, Kira Yamato is here!



OK, I lied. It’s not Kira Yamato but Aaeru. Somehow she has managed to reach the battle in time, don’t ask me how. Rimone remembers Aaeru’s advice that she has to figure what to do by herself. Her decision? To perform the extremely complex Silver ri-maajon and if you think it would be the same one that killed the cadet in the flashback you are absolutely right.

The difference seems to be that here there is another daredevil pilot around, namely Aaeru, so it all goes to plan and the effects of the ri-maajon totally annhilate the enemy. The music seems more suitable for dancing in some royal court but it totally suits the grace and movements of the Simouns.


Rimone gathers confidence from Aaeru’s supremely confident facial expression and decides her goal in live would be to make as many perfectly beautiful ri-maajons as possible. Dominura is stunned and remarks that Rimone is indeed a genius. And Aaeru just laughs in the end as if it was all a walk in the park.




Another great episode. Rimone is my second favourite character and any episode with her in the spotlight is welcome. Aaeru continues to impress her blutness relly helped Rimone exorcise her inner demons. Dominura is an intriguing character with a really memorable voice (I find it quite hard to believe her seiyuu is best known for the role of Tessa from Full Metal Panic, here she sounds really different) and I simply love her character design. The flashbacks were just what was needed, not too long, yet they showed us exactly what was going through Rimone’s mind and why she was experiencing problems. The tension was built up wel and the resolution of the battle, though predictable, was spectacular.



Episode five has almost everything that makes Simoun great – magnificent scenery, breathtaking battle, character development. The new characters keep on coming while other characters still struggle with the fact that this is a war and they must kill people. And of course, we must not forget that as far as music is concerned Simoun totally wipes the floor with everything else I have seen or to be more precise heard, this anime season.