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Seems that I like posting new Simoun entries on Wednesday nights. Too bad I have been too lazy and football crazy to do the same with shows whose episodes are actually being subbed on a weekly basis. No battles in this episode, just more team building for Choir Tempest – you know relationships, angst and so on, plus the thing what a lot of us have been waiting for – more yuri action.

We begin with yet another flashback of Amuria’s death – Neville is having a not so pleasant dream. Being the raving Simoun fanatic that I am I couldn’t care less that this was a flashback, it was once again brilliantly executed, the piano version of the opening song doing the trick. And on a very unrelated note, Neville’s bed is so big and she seems so lonely, I couldn’t help imagining Aaeru or someone else trying to comfort her in some very intimate way. And funnily enough, this episode does indeed get a lot of points in the yuri scale (I think I have mentioned this before…oh well, this was in the previous paragraph so you cannot accuse me of too much emphasis on this particular aspect of the show, right?


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Floe thinks watching some birds fly is a lot more important than taking care to execute some pointless orders. I wonder who the hell thought her suitable for a Sibylla, she is more easily distracted than even me and has a major problem with following orders. Not that great as Aaeru’s problem with any kind of authority but then again the latter’s problem is of astronomical proportions.:)

Chor Tempest is back in action (if action means flying aimlessly waiting for an episode with battles, that is) but everyone is distracted because Neville is still staying in her room being all angsty and depressed. Kaimu blurts out “Para-sama, I’ve only ever had my eyes on you” and then pretends to be kidding. Yeah, right.



Dominura tries to boss around Rimone but to no avail. Seems like certain someone also has a problem when receiving orders, no wonder the Choir is in disarray – there is no discipline! Hint for Dominura – isn’t it obvious that Rimone is not your average loli uke (I wonder if there is a special word for this)? Next time try bribing her with some snacks or books. Or threaten her with your leather catsuit and whip, I know you have these accessories.

Neville’s Simoun is almost repaired. Paraieta even talks a bit to the machine making Kaimu jealous. That was kind of funny. Also I like the fact the fansub refers to the Simoun as “she”.



Aaeru, being the pathologically stubborn and energetic girl that she is, constantly tries to get Neville out of her isolation. Not only does she knocks with all her might on Neville’s door but she also draws a funny picture of Neville (probably Neville, since it seems that Aaeru is not much of a painter and it’s difficult to tell) on the floor in front of Neville’s door. Paraieta gets angry by that but it seems that she has also contributed to the graffiti exhibition around Neville’s room, although the Simoun she had painted makes her look like Rembrandt when compared to Aaeru.



When Paraieta and Neville have a little chat, the latter claims Aaeru is a troublesome girl. Well, that’s like saying the Earth is round but Paraieta asks if she wants Aaeru to be stopped. She mentions this might require drastic measures. I would agree – the least Paraieta should do is to get Aaeru out of the ship but jsut to be sure she might have to kill her and scatter her ashes. Did I get carried away with my Aaeru bias or what? If not, let’s just add that the short scene with Aaeru with musical box and the birds is so very lyrical and beautiful.


Paraieta urges Neville to take a decision about her future but Sibylla Aurea still cannot decide. She claims that whatever she chooses it wil lbe a betrayal. When Paraieta tries to use her long time friendship as a means to sway her to continue to fly, Neville snaps. When Paraieta tries to confort her, she orders her to leave the room. Paraieta is about to cry when Kaimu finds her (probably managed to do it so soon because she has been stalking Paraieta all along, I suspect).


Paraieta and Kaimu go to the cafeteria or whatever it is where they eat it is and we learn more about Para-sama – she drinks her coffee (or is it tea?) without sugar. The girl with the glasses blushes when she sees Paraieta likes the coffee she has given her. I wonder whether whether Paraieta is dumb, deaf or blind for not being aware of Kaimu’s feelings.

It seems their relationship is Dominura’s dream, though, Kaimu seems more than ready to comply with the wishes of Paraieta all the time. She even takes care of making Paraieta’s nails beautiful again. She says she is happy to help Para-sama…and in the process to touch her. Just kidding, she claims yet again. Sure, sure. This scene really reminded me of Kaoru and Haruna in the Strawberry Shake manga, only this time the beautician is madly in love, not the client.



Shock and horror! Kaimu finally makes her move and tries to kiss Paraieta who gets away with one of the lamest excuses ever – “Isn’t it too hot here?”. Oh, well, it’s not as if Kaimu will be discouraged so easily.

It seems that Guragief and the ship captain have had exactly the same troubles as Paraieta and Neville in the past. Interestingly enough, they do nothing about the present situation.




In a totally hilarious scene Paraieta and Kaimu are engaged in a childish game, sitting in their Simoun and pretending to fight some enemies. The funny thing is they do the gun sounds – you know “ta-ta-ta” and stuff the way kids all over the world play this game. The next flirting move by Kaimu is quite a success – “Para-sama, let’s do a ri-maajon”. Maybe sex in this world might lead to a lose of life just like ri-maajons?

Finally, we get to the kiss. Kaimu says it’s funny that they kiss so often, yet…I will add the rest “Yet, I blush only when it’s informal. Kudos to my self-control!”. After the second kiss they unwittingly manage to start the Simoun engine and a green light shines on everything.


Clumsy Kaimu falls from the Simoun managing to drag Paraieta with her. In full accordance with the anime laws of physics they fall into quite a sexually suggestive position with the seme being on top. At this moment Kaimu thinks of her sister Alti. Incest? Sorry, you have to wait for episode 12 for more info about that.




Paraieta has a flashback of her own. It’s about her and Neville as kids. Seems that she has promised to herself to stay always close to Neville. And you know that childhood promises are more sacred than scripture in anime. So sorry Kaimu, you are out of luck. Just don’t ask me why being close to her means “I will have no other relationships”.

The flashback also shows Paraieta seeing Amuria and Neville kissing (for the first time I think) and being jealous. But this also leads her to the obvious thought that actually she is not the only one who can take care of Neville. I wonder why Neville can’t just take care of herself. Too big of a bed to sleep alone in it?



Kaimu is in for shock. Parieta bluntly informs her they should stop because she is a child. I wonder if it is illegal for minors to have sex in this world. Judging by Floe’s blatant flirting and boasting about her past relationships – hell, no! Anyway, Paraieta even says they are all kids and leaves. Kaimu denies that but then bitches in a very childish way, as if to prove Para-sama’s point. To top it off Alti has been watching these dramatic events.


My favourite part of the episode begins with the sounds of the best song from the soundtrack – “Kanashimi no Simoun Shivuyura”. Aaeru is once again banging on Neville’s door and her angry face is just priceless. Just when she seems ready to finally get into this room by whatever means it takes, Paraieta summons her for a talk.


And by talk she meant a duel. A duel? And in the ri-majon pool, no less. And she doesn’t even informs Aaeru what’s the reason for this duel. Oh, well, as long it’s spectacular we can do without being told of the reason.

Paraieta thinks she is one of the reasons for Neville’s not managing to come to a decision. So we see her telling Sibylla Aurea that she doesn’t feel betrayed. Paraieta’s decision is to entrust Neville to someone else (big bed and everything included, I guess).


So who this person might be? The winner of the duel. And that’s Aaeru who is simply flying circles, so to speak, around Paraieta and in the end leaves her without a weapon and defeated. The latter’s reaction? She just laughs and tells Aaeru she must become Neville’s pair. Of course, Aaeru’s reaction is basically the same as what it would have been if told she must keep on breathing in order to live.



What can I say? Simoun keeps the incredibly high standard of the previous episodes. I have to admire Paraieta who seems ready to do anything to help Neville, even if that includes finding a replacement for Amuria who she seems to have been jealous of to begin with. Also I feel for Kaimu getting rejected like this. That scene showed, at least to me, that Simoun is far from a cheap yuri fanservice show. It never seems like the characters decide to have some fun and kiss or grope each other just because the episode has to be filled with some events (Strawberry Panic, I am looking at you).


The dynamics of the relationships inside Choir Tempest is what keeps my interest. The battles, as amazing and exciting as they have been so far, would have been just eye-candy if the series did not have these very interesting characters. Neville needs to get rid of her depression as soon as possible, though, her angst is starting to get on my nerves. The main plotline does need a bit of movement but if you will allow something of a mild spoiler Simoun is obviously not about the war, its detailed developments and so on. It’s about a group of characters affected by this war. Complaining about not enough info about the war itself is a bit like complaining that “All Quiet on the Western Front” does not tell us enough about the strategy and sequence of events im the main battles of the First World War. And yes, I know this comparison was over the top since the book is a classic and “Simoun” is just an anime series. But it’s a great series and that’s what’s important.