I see I haven’t bashed anything in a really long time. I have just grumbled a bit about Strawberry Panic. True, it got so bad that I doubt I will actually finish it but compared to Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru it’s almost a masterpiece (at least if we compare only the first episodes of the two series). Imagine Strawberry Panic (Maria-sama ga Miteru, dumbed down for drooling fanboys, will do if you haven’t bothered with SP), only with a boy called Mizuho who pretends to be a girl as the main character, with more fanservice and even more annoying characters. It took about ten episodes for the SP cast to make me want to cut their collective tongue to make them shut up but just two in the case of Otome…something. It is such drivel that it makes me a bit ashamed to be anime fan. It’s not funny. There is no plot to speak of. It’s just as realistic as me having a harem full of supermodels and also being to create a new universe all by myself. It does not seem to be real yuri. It includes every cliche in the book and I mean it.


Here are some of the things one can see (and hopefully not enjoy) in this trainwreck:


– The transfer student cliche

– Crossdresser boy who is suddenly found to be very beautiful by the students of an all-girl school. I wish some of the stupid scriptwriters (whom I assume are men because the show is so full of fanservice) try this trick someday and see it’s not actually something likely to happen in real life, especially if you happen to be a total moron who makes all kinds of mistakes and is pratically begging to be recognized as a boy.

– All girl catholic school with possible yuri undertones (come on, I am not that fond of Catholicism but how about something new, let’s say a normal all-girl school?)

– Kouhai (underclassmen) serving the senpai and also obviously smitten by them romantically.

– The transfer student becomes a celebrity and is considered to be a good candidate for the position of Elder (a Rose or an Etoile, in other words). All that in just a few days, mind you. The previous Elder has a sad past (did anyone say Shizuma or Rosa Gigantea?). I wonder if that means that Shion (the previous elder) is also a dominant lesbian? Oh, well, I guess I will never know because I don’t think I will watch more of this crappy series.

otome-04.jpg otome-03.jpg

– Lolis with terribly high pitched voices screeching “Onee-sama” all the time, talking in a cute (read childish and stupid) way and generally having the intelligence of a brick. A dumb brick. The cuteness is running wild in this series, so wild that even Kagome’s stuffed bear from SP suddenly seem somewhat bearable.

– Tons of fanservice. It includes two girls groping the breasts of the crossdresser. What’s wrong with that? Well, by virtue of him not being a girl, the breasts are, you know, not part of his body, yet they seem to enjoy it a lot and he was behaving as if the breasts were real and he was being molested. That’s just beyond stupid.

– Annoying chibis, tons of static frames and less than mediocre art, bland character design, not that great voiceacting. Ok, I admit it, I don’t like ultra high pitched voices, so I guess I am biased here.

– Humour that is simply not funny. You can call it a toilet humour, not because it’s that rough but because a lot of it revolves about Mizuho’s reluctance to use the girl restroom. Ha-ha, oh so very funny.

– The main character seems to be an orphan (his mother is dead for sure). It’s not as if this cliche is not common even in great series but I just have to mention it back my words about using every cliche in the book.

– The reason for Mizuho’s enrolling in an all-girl school is the will of a relative of his. Some people it seems will everything for money. Of course, he seems way too feminine to begin with (few girls have such well kept long hair :)) and of course, his mother has also studied in that school so I smell a secret which will show us the reason for that strange will. Will show some people, not me, I mean.


OK, I am pretty much done here. Let’s summarise – so far this series seems like a bad rip-off of Kashimashi and Strawberry Panic, both of which aren’t good enough to deserve to be ripped off in the first place. Now if you excuse me I will make a few copies of these two episodes of Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru so I can delete them slowly and painfully.