You know what comes to my mind when I see Kyoto Animation mentioned? Two things – the first one is Full Metal Panic:Fumoffu which is one of the best anime comedies ever. But the second one is more relevant – the phrase that comes into my mind is “what a waste of great animation”. First, it was The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and now Kanon. And while I found Suzumiya Haruhi to be merely a mediocre series that I might one day actually watch to the end, Kanon is mystifyingly bad. I say mystifyingly because apparently everyone but me loves it and all I see in it is a stupid harem show that needs this great animation quality as much as car stuck in a traffic jam needs a 500 horse power engine. It’s not fun at all, it is so moe-ish that I think I got a nearly deadly dose of moe after just two episodes. Most importantly – will I live to see the day when high school girls behaving like little kids all the time will be considered stupid and annoying by the majority of anime fandom rather than cute and endearing as it seems to be the case now?

I have watched only the first two episodes of Kanon (2006), so feel free to yell “It gets so much better, you blasphemer” but I can’t help but write my impressions which are anything but positive. So far the only thing that seems to happen is that Yuuichi, the main character who is an absolute clone of the already boring Kyon of Suzumiya Haruhi, bumps into random girls, most of whom he has known from before. But the poor soul suffers from amnesia. Oh, god, amnesia is so beaten to death but that’s hardly the main problem. The main problem is that the series bores me to tears – nothing interesting happens, if we don’t count the girls from Yuuichi’s future harem trying to look ever cuter dumber and more childish – but that’s hardly interesting, is it? All kinds of annoying antics, expressions and noises (I still can’t believe people are crazy about “uguu!”) are used to achieve this goal. Oh, well it was achieved too well in my case, I have rarely been wishing for the painful death of all the main characters after watching only two episodes. In the case of Nayuki, I demand not only slow death but also eternal damnation in the depths of Hell. If I can hear one more time her ubiqutious “Uhm!”( or however this sound expressing agreement is spelled, you know what I am talking about) I might just go mad. And the way she says “Yuuichi” is probably a joy for all the lolicons out there but I can’t stand it. Moral of the story – Haruhi from Happiness!, who is totally moe high school student as well, is a mature adult when compared to the Kanon girls we have seen thus far.

The million and one cliches (transfer student, amnesia, childhood promise, etc) and non-existent plot aside, there is another drawback – the character designs! What’s the fucking point of having such awesome backgrounds series when the girls (let’s face it, they are supposed to be the thing that sells such series to the fans) are not attractive at all? In fact, the beautful scenery just makes them look even more plain. Even if we assume that Kanon is a highly intellectual show with a moving story (who knows, it might well be but I don’t intend to watch it to find out) and not a silly harem comedy, the character designs still stick like a sore thumb among all the beatifully drawn buildings and lanscapes.

I am aware that this short rant will hardly convince anyone and that the KyoAni worship seems to be a dangerous infectious disease these days (just kidding, of course) but I just felt like writing this. But I can honestly say that I find Happiness! to be many, many times better than Kanon and the former is not even that special. It’s just a romantic comedy that is actually funny and enjoyable, despite being full of cliches. Anyway, I hope next time Kyoto Animation pick a watchable show which to remake. But who knows, maybe I just don’t like the way they do their job so even if they make a remake of Noir and change only the art, I might be disappointed once again. 🙂