Boys' Love academyAm I the uke here or what?

Ok the new season started and one can easily say that it’s something like the triumph of the fetishes. We have tons of panty-shots, a hell of girl-kissing and of course, what makes me the happiest – a fair share of animes full of “androgynous, ambiguously gay”* (ambigiously? Yeah, right) bishounen. We even get some cross-dressing (in both variants) and loli, which’s why I rise my voice in protest against the obvious lack of shota! Where’s my BL shota? And there are two (mind you TWO in one season) animes that are rather promising in the BL aspect – Gakuen Heaven and Princess, Princess.

I know that the genre usually goes with (severe) lack of sensible plot or character development (LOVELESS being the sole exception in the field). But let’s be honest, who in their right mind watches BL for any of the aforementioned? Well, not me anyways.

So, after this rather pointless blabber, let’s get back to the topic.

What did Gakuen Heaven offer in its first episode? (more…)