Higurashi no Naku Koro ni


Another chapter of Higurashi begins and yet again black becomes white, right becomes left and you just don't know what to believe in. It is amazing how carefully constructed theories seem to be way off the mark in one moment and looking very much like the truth behind it all mere minutes later. This story arc is called Tatarigoroshi-hen and it concentrates on Satoko and despite the same characters and setting it feels a lot different than the previous two which is an achievement in itself. (more…)



I have an answer to only one of these questions and unfortunately it's only the third one. Yes, I admit it, I simply couldn't come up with а better title for this entry but I think it's only fitting that it should consist entirely of questions.

Watanagashi-hen totally lived up to its status of a question story arc – I have dozens and dozens of questions about it in my mind and so few answers that make any sense. Alas, everything seemed somewhat rushed in this episode and some of the characters' actions were very much illogical. (more…)


I have to say I expected more from this episode but that probably has much to do with the fact that it was the first Higurashi episode that I had to wait for a week. After thinking about it Watanagashi-hen seems even more puzzling and mysterious than Onikakushi-hen and the last episode of this story arc promises to be chock full of creepy events. All of Keiichi's friends are involved this time around and we can also compare it with the previous arc in order to get closer to the truth. And most importantly anything that can make me watch it again on the other day just to pick up more clues for the mystery and enjoy it a lot despite not really finding much evidence just has to be praised. (more…)


In case someone is wondering how this series could have continued after the events in the previous episodes here goes – it doesn't actually continue. It starts anew in some sort of parallel universe, after a reset, so to speak.

The events unfold in a different way but in the same place and with the same characters. The festival is yet to start, everyone is oblivious that this is a horror story. OK, maybe the would-be-murderer (I suppose there will be murders) does suspect the genre of this story. (more…)


I apologize in advance if this might sound like the ramblings a fanboy but I can't believe I missed Higurashi no Naku Koro ni's start. The good thing was I could watch all four episodes in two days. In most cases waiting a week or more for each episode is a bitch but in this case I would have loved to discuss theories about what's going on while I was waiting for the episodes. Well, I can still do that now, so it's a minor complaint.

This is a horror/mystery series, so don't get fooled by the cute and rather silly looking characters. It's not for people who don't like anime with blood and gore. There are going to be spoilers as usual, so if you hadn't watched it and have any intentions to do it I'd recommend to do that rather than read on now. (more…)