You know, I feel bad for not writing separate entries for every Nana episode. But it just seems there is not much to say apart from praising this show to no end without being really able to explain why I like it. And unlike other series I really don't want to summarise the events in the episodes because they seem to sound so boring when I do it. Why all the praise and yet mention the word "worst" in the title of this review? Because of the bloody recap episode, that is why! (more…)


First of all, I want to make clear that I have not (yet) read the Nana manga so I won't bother you with vague hints about what should happen in the future episodes or complaints that this or that is not included in the anime. Second, so far Nana has been one of the top shows that I have watched this season. I became interested in it because I saw it was created by Madhouse who are climbing fast on my list of favourite anime studios, one of the character was a rock singer and she looked so gothic and I heard that the manga was really impressive. And having sexy female main characters could only be a plus. (more…)