Spring 2006


Ok, I have not seen it done on another blog (which doesn't mean it has not happened, just that I am not aware of it), but that would hardly be a reason why I shouldn't do it, so I decided for now to try blogging the chapters of Saiunkoku Monogatari manga. I know that most people would blog episodes or just say a few words about a volume of manga or even the whole manga, but since I like Saiunkoku too much for the time being I'll do it like this. (more…)



Wow, it is eps four already and I was eagerly waiting for this sub ever since I saw the raw. I had so many evil and naughty ideas, but that is not the topic here. The thing is that this ep really makes me feel good. The fanservice for those like me is aplenty and I can not hide my pleasure that they did it the way it is.

What do we have after all? (more…)


Just a few words on the Saiunkoku Monogatari manga. Yesterday was provided the first chapter by one of the scanlating groups and I grabbed it right off.* (more…)


I have an answer to only one of these questions and unfortunately it's only the third one. Yes, I admit it, I simply couldn't come up with а better title for this entry but I think it's only fitting that it should consist entirely of questions.

Watanagashi-hen totally lived up to its status of a question story arc – I have dozens and dozens of questions about it in my mind and so few answers that make any sense. Alas, everything seemed somewhat rushed in this episode and some of the characters' actions were very much illogical. (more…)


Ok, I know I am quite behind on most of the shows I am supposed to blog, but I do what I can. Anyway, I am already at ep five of Princess Princess. Oh, and by the way, in case someone doesn't know, the show is going to be 12 eps only, so the next ep I will blog will mark the middle. Of course, no one, not even me knows when I will come around to blogging ep 6, but that is not the topic of this rant. And I am trying to catch up. I really am. At least on this show… (more…)


OK, this is ep 3 of the series and the truth is, this show is rapidly climbing up on my list. It has it all – it's moderately funny, the characters are smart and witty, the story-line goes fine so far, the character design fits my taste and man I just love the BL innuendoes here and there. They are done with such taste and to the point that one can't help but laugh. I guess that even people that don't like BL references might find this show good. But of course, I can't be sure. Whatever, if they miss the show for such stupid reason it's their fault. (more…)


It's a sad moment for the students at whatever the name of the academy is, let's just refer to it as Hime Academy, for easier. It's summer brake. Yeah, who would have thought that the students would be sad they are free to do as they please outside the walls of their all boys' school. But no! They are sad 'cause a vacation means time away from their beloved Himes. Now, if there are any men out there tell me please, how can that be sane.

The boys are going outside, to the world where REAL women are, but they would still prefer the company and smile of a Hime. There's something very wrong with that. Even I, who am a firm supporter of boy on boy action, find this disturbing. This is not sane, for Christ sake, it is simply not! (more…)

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