Princess, Princess


Ok, I know I am quite behind on most of the shows I am supposed to blog, but I do what I can. Anyway, I am already at ep five of Princess Princess. Oh, and by the way, in case someone doesn't know, the show is going to be 12 eps only, so the next ep I will blog will mark the middle. Of course, no one, not even me knows when I will come around to blogging ep 6, but that is not the topic of this rant. And I am trying to catch up. I really am. At least on this show… (more…)



It's a sad moment for the students at whatever the name of the academy is, let's just refer to it as Hime Academy, for easier. It's summer brake. Yeah, who would have thought that the students would be sad they are free to do as they please outside the walls of their all boys' school. But no! They are sad 'cause a vacation means time away from their beloved Himes. Now, if there are any men out there tell me please, how can that be sane.

The boys are going outside, to the world where REAL women are, but they would still prefer the company and smile of a Hime. There's something very wrong with that. Even I, who am a firm supporter of boy on boy action, find this disturbing. This is not sane, for Christ sake, it is simply not! (more…)

Ok, I am actually blogging this while watching the episode, so I’ll just be writing whatever pops up in my head. This will also probably make the plot description more detailed and thus more spoilerish. Now that you are forewarned, let’s begin… (more…)

It’s the second ep of Princess Princess and while it is even cheesier than the previous one I find it enjoyable.

What do we have here? We get introduced to the Student Council President – Arisada and his minions, so to say. Arisada is quite aggressive in his pursuit of his own agenda and pays no attention to anyone that tries to argue or flinch out of one’s duties. (more…)

Princess PrincessThe three Himes

The second anime this season that is filled with bishounen and it has some promising signs that it might be somewhat BL. I know that the manga is shoujo and not shounen-ai, but everyone, who’s seen the ED, should really be prepared for a possible amourous relationship between males. And am so fully supporting such a development. And I have to say that this one is just not only a few steps but rather a whole staircase higher in quality than Gakuen Heaven. (more…)