Saiunkoku Monogatari


The chapter starts with Shuurei waking up to find her royal husband lying on her and of course they are seen, but we know this from the anime. What is different in the manga however is the breakfast after that not so memorable first wedding night.

Shuurei is not sure what happened and desperately wants to hear that nothing took place, but Ryuuki acts nasty and … (more…)



Ok, I have not seen it done on another blog (which doesn't mean it has not happened, just that I am not aware of it), but that would hardly be a reason why I shouldn't do it, so I decided for now to try blogging the chapters of Saiunkoku Monogatari manga. I know that most people would blog episodes or just say a few words about a volume of manga or even the whole manga, but since I like Saiunkoku too much for the time being I'll do it like this. (more…)


Wow, it is eps four already and I was eagerly waiting for this sub ever since I saw the raw. I had so many evil and naughty ideas, but that is not the topic here. The thing is that this ep really makes me feel good. The fanservice for those like me is aplenty and I can not hide my pleasure that they did it the way it is.

What do we have after all? (more…)


Just a few words on the Saiunkoku Monogatari manga. Yesterday was provided the first chapter by one of the scanlating groups and I grabbed it right off.* (more…)


OK, this is ep 3 of the series and the truth is, this show is rapidly climbing up on my list. It has it all – it's moderately funny, the characters are smart and witty, the story-line goes fine so far, the character design fits my taste and man I just love the BL innuendoes here and there. They are done with such taste and to the point that one can't help but laugh. I guess that even people that don't like BL references might find this show good. But of course, I can't be sure. Whatever, if they miss the show for such stupid reason it's their fault. (more…)


The second ep makes quite a progress into the real story and what is more, it proves that the characters are not your average stupid pretty stunts that only grace the screen for the purpose of fanservice and to please the eye of the (female) viewer. (more…)

Saiunkoku MonogatariI am surrounded by a harem of bishies, but no one is here to help me

I started this one just because of the bishounen it promised, but I'll continue it not only because of them, but because I got interested in the story too. Not that it is that complicated or original a story, but I like the way they tend to tell it. That's of course if the series doesn’t go head first down into the swamp of mediocrity that tends to plague some shows. Especially considering that this one will be 39 eps long. That's a lot. (more…)