Strawberry Panic

Well, I hope the title of this entry shows what one can expect from the episode. It’s mainly filler and it’s full of fanservice and coincidental meetings between the characters. This time though, the Spica characters interact with their copies, I mean the Miator characters and if anyone has not yet seen how they mirror each other is now forced to do it. (more…)


It seems that I was wrong. Strawberry panic is not a soft porn Marimite rip-off, it's just your average rip-off with a bit of comedy. The problem is that this episode hardly featured any funny moments and the drama element is at best mediocre. The good news for me is that the group of characters from Spica are more interesting than those of Miator, despite the fact that the similarities in personality between some of them are blatant. (more…)

This series is really getting worse with every episode, I think. The plot is still both virtually non-existent and silly and the funny moments are few and far between. Moreover, it's desperately trying to be a rip-off of Marimite while having nothing of the subtlety, style and developed characters which make the latter so remarkable. (more…)

Mirror, mirror Dark Secret

There is not much to say about this episode for the simple reason that very few things actually happen in it. Its main function, it seems, is to confirm that everyone in this school is a lesbian and proud of it. Nothing wrong with that, don't get me wrong but the formula of random yuri moments mixed with comedy will become boring really fast unless we see some plot development. (more…)


Now that was something of a suprise. A pleasant one, mind you. Yes, this series seems quite silly indeed and the animation leaves a lot to be desired but the first episode was certainly funny and I laughed out loud several times while watching it. It seems that shoujo-ai is trendy this season, first Simoun, now this and I hear there is more. Anyway, the sheer absurdity of the plot made things funny. (more…)